Reduce Paper, Postage & Fax in Your Business, Use RMail & RSign

Reduce Paper, Postage & Fax in Your Business, Use RMail & RSign

January 28, 2021 / in Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

From Humble Beginnings, Early Innovators Set the Stage for Today’s CDOs

We want to recognize those IT staffers who started with humble beginnings – sometimes as the company IT or process operations guru gifted with a silver tongue for explaining the technically complex, business simply. These are the heroes that today’s Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) should recognize — and we are looking forward to recognizing these folks ourselves, for identifying early on, the art of the possible with technology. They showcased how newly emerging technology, if employed in the right ways, could truly transform their business operations — one process at a time.

We’ve encountered many of these innovators in their own right — those that identified the opportunity to transform their business with technology and had the ability to convince often their less techy peers to take the risk, invest the time and money, and bear the agony of convincing teams of people to change their routines.

Not all success, but more success than failure. Far more. We remember the people in those companies that showed their industries how-to.

When Diane at Mercury Insurance in California led the project to be the first insurance company to work with government departments of motor vehicles to adopt eSignatures, she was a true spirit of innovation. She really helped those in need – she made it possible for those insured to get paid out on their auto-claims the same day they tragically wrecked their cars. Diane and her teams have been savior to millions who have since benefited by Mercury Insurance’s more than a decade of use of RSign® eSignatures.

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Roger at the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva played his part in saving gazillions of trees and reducing carbon emissions by converting paper mail intellectual property legal letters sent to nearly every IP practicing lawyer in the world to RMail® with its Registered Email™ proof of legal e-delivery. And, they continue to this day using modernized versions of this same proven technology, more than thirteen years later. (Read more.)

Ian and Richard at Aon, world’s largest insurance broker, realized email correspondence around the process of underwriting complex business insurance policies was essential to the overall understanding of coverage – email conversations if recorded and authenticatable, could serve as an electronic “paper trail” showing intent, for the benefit of their clients. And while they’ve moved on to bigger roles in the world of technology, they set the foundation and Aon continues to expand its use of RMail® and its Registered Email™ proof since 2008, now across the world. True InsurTech pioneers.

Tony, David, and Andrea at the United States Government Accountability Office, along with Brenda at AT&T, were the first in government anywhere, to realize the importance of adding more accountability to email for legally intensive, high stakes bid dispute resolution and inter-government communications processes. The brought in RMail® and its Registered Email™ proof of e-delivery services in 2003, and never looked back. As Andrea explained, “Our users highly depend on and very much cherish the Registered Receipt™ record that they get back that meets a very big legal requirement that we have…so yes, we are big users, and we highly, highly depend on RMail.” GAO has been relying on the RMail Registered Email™ service daily, for 17 years, when they first purchased RPost services from our partner AT&T, through AT&T’s GSA schedule. (Read more.)

At RPost’s we’re beginning a process to reward these and other eSign and e-security innovators in companies who, for example, started changing their business operations to reduce paper, postage, fax, and to ultimately do more, faster and better, using RMail’s Registered Email™ technology, RMail® email encryption, and RSign® eSignatures. Stay tuned as we showcase more innovator stories.