Digital Forms & Bulk Send

In a fast-paced digital world, providing the best digital experience to your clients and staff has become essential to thrive.

RForms™ makes it easy to convert any document or PDF form into a web form with a static URL for signers to access whenever they want, wherever they are – on your website, inside an email template, or in an SMS text message, for example. And with Bulk Send you can share eSign requests with hundreds of signers individually with the click of a button, saving your staff valuable time.

RForms™ Static Links

RSign allows organizations to distribute eSign templates as RForms™ static links for signers to fill-out and sign on demand. You can embed your RForms™ in an email template, a web page and more, making it easier than ever to capture data and close deals.

With RForms™, you can even create multi-signer workflows, where the first signer can fill and sign, the second signer can edit and sign, then first signer can approve before the document is finalized.

In addition, RForms™ allows multiple co-located signers to apply their electronic signatures on the document within the same browser session.

RSign RForms™ is the simplest way to integrate digital forms into your business workflows instantly and without requiring any development skills.


Bulk Send

RSign® Bulk Send is designed for sending large quantities of RSign® requests and simplifies automation without the need of using an API. Senders can share multiple requests to people at once simply with the use of an RSign template and a CSV file.

Use RSign Bulk Send to get mass signoff on waivers, HR manual updates, new pricing terms, and more. Each group of messages can be customized within one bulk send including email subject and email body.