Privacy, Compliance & Legalities

When we invented modern-day eSignatures, we coined the term “Legal Proof®” to mean “Legal” — a legally valid eSignature, plus “Proof” — adding a robust audit-trail to prove the entire eSignature event, forensically. RSign is Legal Proof eSign evidence.

eSign Record. The Original. The Global Standard.

RSign’s patented enterprise-grade, self-authenticating eSignature certificate is the global and local standard for legally binding, compliant eSignatures, with the agreement content, certificate and envelope data cryptographically associated and digitally signed.

Senders can choose to have the certificate record appended to the agreement or as a separate attachment, while still cryptographically associated.

Anatomy of the RSign Certificate

The RSign Certificate details the signature of all the signers, sender and signer information, and an audit trail and metadata related to the documents of the corresponding envelope ID.

  • Envelope Data: Contains detailed transaction information & settings used.
  • Recipients/Roles: Displays the names of the recipients of the signing request, as well their role in the transaction.
  • Document Events: Displays the document audit trail and all the events from when the document was created and sent for signature until it is signed and fully completed.
  • Signer Signatures: This section displays the signature, name and initials of each signer.

Custom Terms and Conditions

Senders can require signers to accept custom terms and agreements before starting the eSign process, which is included in the final eSign certificate, and cryptographically associated to the agreement content, envelope data and transaction metadata.

Terms can include text that the use must click through, affirming their acceptance of e-sign laws and use of their signature in electronic form.

Signer Documents and Files

Senders can allow or require signers to upload content as part of the eSign process, which becomes cryptographically associated with the eSign record and securely returns content to the sender. This is a very versatile feature that allows organizations to further automate their business processes (like KYC for financial services, identity cards, and more) in a secure and compliant manner.

The appended documents can remain encrypted inside the e-sign package, as a self contained secure record.

Privacy Compliance Bliss

Signer Authentication

RSign offers many sender and signer authentication options to comply with the strictest electronic signature and data privacy regulations like eIDAS, state UETA and Federal ESIGN acts, HIPAA, GDPR and more. Choose Multi-Factor Authentication via SMS for senders and signers, integration with Microsoft Azure AD or any other Single Sign On provider, and end-to-end 256-bit encryption and password management options for your signers, documents, and signed contracts.

Auto-Purge Data

With Auto-Purge, admins have the power to customize the frequency with which RSign should delete a user’s personal data for compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws and regulations.

Private Mode

RSign Private Mode allows the RSign account holder to hide data related to a specific transaction from all other users within RSign, including the Admin. This feature is intended for high-ranking members of an organization sending highly confidential information, like CEOs, CFOs, COOs and more.

Data Masking

When turned on, this feature blurs the transmission data in the RSign interface and prevents users from downloading documents.

Extranet & Inbox

RSign Extranet creates a secure network among business partners to simplify privacy, administration, and delegation of high volumes of complex eSignature requests. It provides recipients access to an RSign inbox where companies may sign or delegate documents for signature internally or externally.

RSign Extranet creates a private network for secure delivery of forms, like e-prescription renewals, to a network of recurring signers. Email invitations to eSign may be optionally suppressed with the invitation to eSign appearing in the recipient’s RSign inbox, so log-in or 2-factor authentication is required at all times for all signers. Administrators accessing the RSign Inbox may delegate different messages and forms within the same eSign request to be completed and e-signed by different delegated signers.



RSign® is court admissible and legally equivalent to wet ink signatures in the United States of America under UETA and ESIGN regulations, in all European countries per eIDAS (EU) Regulation No 910/2014, in the United Kingdom as per the Electronic Communications Act of 2000, amongst others (Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and more).

RSign also supports E-ID and localized digital certificates for organizations that require advanced and qualified electronic signature compliance.

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