Guided eSign Experience

Easy for signers means happy senders. RSign transforms documents and forms into guided, branded and gracefully stylish eSigning experiences.

Upload. Drag-and-Drop. Send.

Share documents in minutes thanks to RSign’s intuitive and friendly interface. Upload your document to RSign from your desktop, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or your company’s CRM. Drag and drop input fields like signature, initials, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more, and assign fields to signers. Make fields required, add logic as needed, and send.

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Dependencies & Advanced Logic

RSign makes it easy to add advanced logic and rules to your eSign forms. This significantly enhances signer experience and guarantees a 100% error free contract, as only relevant fields are displayed to the signer, and at the right time.



Get your documents signed within the hour with RSign, vs. 5 days with traditional signatures.

Intuitive and Error-Free

Our guided eSign experience leads signers across your document, field by field, to guarantee a 100% error free contract.

When preparing a document, you can drag-and-drop your desired input field, add logic, and select whether fields are required or optional. If a required field is left empty, RSign will prompt signers to complete before they can submit the final contract.



When reviewing or signing a document, signers may be required to sign or initial in multiple places throughout the document. Click to Sign helps signers to quickly fill in their information without having to re-enter it at every location.

Click to Sign captures the signature, initials, and name at the beginning of the signing process and applies those values with a simple click, reducing time and expediting the signing process.


Branded Notifications

RSign delivers your eSign envelopes directly to the signer’s inbox or even via SMS to their mobile devices. You can customize the message template for a cohesive look-and-feel. The message clearly displays its importance and that there is a document ready for viewing and awaiting a signature and acceptance.

You can configure periodic reminders to help signers keep track of any documents pending their approval.

And, as an option, RSign lets you add your brand, logo, and preferred banner colors into the e-sign invitation, complete, and notification emails, to further personalize your client’s experience.