eSign Templates and Tags

Save time and money by creating, reusing and sharing eSign templates as standardized documents across your organization.

Templates & Rules


Because the majority of sent documents are standardized or may need only a few minor updates each time you send for signoff, RSign gives you and your team the ability to save, reuse and share document templates.

Simply prepare your envelope setting custom reminders and notifications, add your recipients, configure the signing order, drag and drop the fillable fields onto your document. Save as a template and the next time you need to send that same document for eSignature, simply select it from your shared templates library.


Rules are a specific type of template where the fillable fields are always in the same location, but the underlying document is dynamic – it is the same document, but each version contains some document or CRM pre-filled content such as addresses, quantities, prices. Rules are great time savers for documents that follow a similar layout, but the content is specific or unique to each version.


Custom eSign Workflows

Whether you are creating reusable Templates or Rules, RSign allows you to configure custom eSign workflows assigning roles (signer, viewer, prefill), signing order, reminders and notifications, security level and more.

Prefill recipients will receive the e-sign invitation and will be able to add data to some selected field without being a signer, and when they are finished, the pre-filled document will be sent to the signers. Prefill can also be auto-populated by a CRM system or database via API.

Cc recipients will receive notifcation that the document was sent for e-sign, and they will receive the final signed agreement, but will not be able to edit, add content, or sign themselves. This is great for adding workflow addresses.


eSign Tags

With RSign Tags, you can save time and reduce manual work by adding tags (e.g.: <<Signature>>, <<Initials>>, <<Date>>, etc.) to your documents where the input fields need to be placed. Simply upload your document to RSign, and watch how your eSignature and fill-in fields magically appear at the right place in your document. With Tags, you don’t need to configure your document each time – it is automatic. And, to make the text tags invisible in your document, you can make them white text so only the RSign system can read – no human user will see the RSign text tags.

Make any desired adjustments and send or save as a template.