Automation & Dynamic API Integrations

The RSign service is a robust, full featured electronic signature platform allowing users to send documents for signature, create reusable templates, templates that can be posted to end user facing document portals, add document-specific rules, retain a complete audit trail of signing and much more. Whatever your organization’s use case, RSign is ready to support it.

Plug-and-Play Apps

RSign offers out-of-the-box integrations with all the main CRM and Agency Management platforms, like Salesforce, Zola Suite, iManage, NetDocuments, Applied Epic, Bullhorn, Vincere and more.

RSign also works seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 suite: Outlook, Sharepoint, Teams, Word, Powerpoint, and more, with its universal print-to-sign connector RApp and Microsoft Outlook and 365 app.

See our complete list of apps.

Prefill and Backfill

Automatically fill out portions of a document with data from your CRM before sending it for eSignature to save valuable time for your clients, offer an enhanced signer experience, and streamline the eSign process.

RSign backfill capabilities allow you to automate data import and streamline your business processes. This empowers you to, for example, use RSign forms to update client records in Salesforce or other CRM platforms.


Clickwrap Agreements

Speed up and automate business with RSign clickwrap agreements, iFramed into any website or application process.

RSign seamlessly integrates into your website and ecommerce workflows to generate custom contracts that your clients can review and sign on demand in real-time.

Works like magic: in the process of purchasing your products or services, RSign API captures the customer data, prefills the appropriate eSign template, and instantly presents a ready-to-sign contract that your customers can agree on with one click. RSign then returns the signed agreement and eSign certificate to you and your customers inbox or even directly to your CRM.