Sign a Lease Agreement

How to Sign a Lease Agreement Online

Signing leases online has been on an accelerated path over the last decade, and the trend has only intensified with the outburst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Growing digitalization has brought most of the services into the palm of your hands. And digital natives, who were raised on Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Siri/Alexa are fueling the trend with their increasing demands for intuitive and seamless digital experiences.

In the past, landlords had to block time to meet their tenants in person and physically sign the rental agreement form. Now, they can eSign at their convenience, and even prepare rental lease agreements online.

Global research projected the digital signature market size to grow to $14.1 billion by 2026, from $2.8 billion in 2020. As more industries digitize their processes to increase productivity and cater to their employees’ and clients’ expectations, this trend will only go upwards.

Why Use Electronic Signatures for Lease and Rental Agreements?

Electronic signatures or eSignatures offer several benefits for both tenants and landlords:

  • Send lease agreements from smartphones, tablets, or any device.
  • Access every real estate non-disclosure, commission, letters of intent, and purchase and sale closing form online.
  • Create and save tenant lease agreement templates to share and reuse.
  • Sign agreements electronically anywhere.

How to Sign a Lease or Rental Agreement Online

RSign, a global eSignature solution from RPost, can help your tenants eSign the lease and rental agreements seamlessly. They don’t have to install or download anything and they can do this on any device, anywhere.

All you have to do is upload your existing rental agreement form on the RSign interface and send it to your tenants’ email addresses to sign electronically. They will receive a link in their inbox, which would look like this:

electronic signature request to sign the rental agreement
adding your details to sign the lease agreement

RSign offers a guided, eSign experience so your tenants don’t have to worry about anything while signing. Once they click on the “View and Sign Document” button above, they will be taken directly to the rental lease agreement sitting inside the RSign interface.

They just need to add and confirm their details – name, initials, signature. They can see the preview of their signature in the box and choose to either upload, type, or draw their signatures.

Once they select their options, check the agreement box, and click on the “Accept and Sign” button – that’s it, your lease agreement signing is done!

RSign enables your tenants to either finish the process in one go or do it in stages. You can also allow or require that they add supporting documents to send to you.

selecting signatures to sign a lease agreement
signed copy of lease agreement

If at any time, your tenants feel some details aren’t right or they need clarifications, they can decline the rental lease agreement with a message. You will be notified about it in your email. Once everything is good, you will get a notification that your tenants have signed the rental agreement form:

Your tenants will automatically receive a signed copy of the agreement in their email. They will also get a link where they can view or download it anytime for reference.

Additional RSign Features for Online Agreements

You get several additional features with RSign that make your life easier.

  • You can specify the order in which you want the tenants to sign (if there is a need like that with two or more tenants occupying the same building unit). RSign’s sequential signing feature helps with that.
  • You can also convert your existing rental agreement into a template so you don’t have to go through the same process of creating the complete document with all the signature controls every time you send the rental lease agreement for signing. Next time when you’re sending for eSign, just select the template from the RSign interface, modify a few details, and send!
  • You can send the rental lease agreements to sign in bulk to multiple recipients at one go through RSign’s “Bulk Send” feature, which saves a lot of time.
  • The entire signing process is automated. You don’t have to follow up with any of your tenants for signatures, saving you significantly in time and costs.
  • You get the Legal Proof® records of every eSignature transaction, including timestamps, signer IP addresses for signer authentication, and a signature certificate, which serves as a complete audit trail. A very handy element if you get embroiled in any legal dispute with your tenants.

Added Convenience with Integrations

RSign’s integrations with several platforms mean even more convenience for you.

  • RSign for Yardi Built into the Yardi self-storage management platform, it enables complete automation of in-store and remote fill, edit, confirm, and eSign of client onboarding and other contracts.
  • RSign for E-SoftSys Simplifies eSignatures for tenant contracts, customer onboarding, and other forms with built-in integration to reduce costs.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Transform your emails into eSignature requests with our Microsoft Outlook App. Simply compose an email, add your attachments, and send for eSignature.
  • Windows Print Function: RApp, a plug & play eSignature desktop application installs directly onto Windows to allow you to send documents for eSignature from any application that you can print from and that is running in Windows (any desktop program or browser application).
  • Microsoft Office and Teams: RSign application for Windows allows you to send documents for eSignature directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint, and more. Visit this link to get started.

Finalize Your Lease and Rental Agreements Faster with eSignatures

RSign helps you fill and sign tenant agreements online, record consent to receive notices by email to a particular address, or update master service agreements and contract notification provisions. This solution makes business-critical communication with tenants and their representatives a lot easier for you.

It’s easy, convenient, fast, more affordable at scale – and most importantly, more secure than paper signatures. It’s also legally binding and compliant with data privacy and other regulatory guidelines (ESIGN Act, UETA, eIDAS, ECTA). Create free electronic signatures today with RSign!