Sign Word Document Online

How to Sign a Word Document Online

Growing usage of electronic signatures or eSignatures signifies a shift toward a paperless environment in line with the rapid digital transformation tsunami. It also makes sense as people are short of time and electronic signatures are fast, convenient, and simple to use for documents like forms, sales contracts, agreements, or any legal business.

Most businesses use Microsoft Word for everything – be it employee agreements, onboarding, purchase orders, or contracts. And preparing a contract or agreement form in Word to get it signed electronically is an easy process.

RApp, a plug & play eSignature desktop application helps you do that. It enables the users of RSign, a global eSignature solution from RPost, to send forms and documents for eSignature with a few simple clicks directly from their Windows desktop, Microsoft Office applications, (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) as well as any desktop or web application that connects to a printer. Here’s how to do it.

How to Sign a Word Document with RApp

Creating an electronic signature and getting a contract signed in Microsoft Word is a simple three-step process in RApp.

navigation to rpost tab in ms word
select preferred methods to send the word document

1. Once you are finished working on your document, simply navigate to the RPost tab that is seamlessly embedded within your Microsoft Word application. It will take you to the RApp interface.

2. Select your preferred method to send. If you have already created a template or a rule, simply choose it from your library.

adding recipients to sign a word document
electronic signature request to sign a word document

3. Add recipients’ names and other details, customize your message and subject if you need to, and send. You are done!

Your recipients will get a link in their email from RSign to sign electronically – something like the below. They just need to click the link to open the document on their device and follow the instructions. It works across all devices and your recipients don’t need to download or sign-up for anything.

Additional RSign Features for Online Electronic Signatures

The RSign interface offers several features to make your electronic signature document preparation and signing process seamless.

  • You can specify the order in which you want the recipients to sign forms if there are multiple recipients. RSign’s sequential signing feature helps with that.
  • You can also convert your existing agreement into a template so you don’t have to go through the same process of creating the complete document with all the signature controls every time you send the agreement for signing. Next time when you’re sending for eSign, just select the template from the RSign interface, modify a few details, and send!.
  • You can send the agreements to sign in bulk to hundreds of recipients at one go through RSign’s “Bulk Send” feature, which saves a lot of time.

RSign also enables you to get signed PDFs. You can open the existing PDF file of your contract in RSign, configure, and send it to the recipients to sign documents online. The entire process remains the same as for the Word doc with a guided, eSign experience. Plus, the process itself is automated. You don’t have to follow up with any of your recipients for signatures, saving you significantly in time and costs.

Audit Trails and Compliance

RSign guarantees compliance with GDPR and HIPAA and provide you with many privacy options to protect sensitive data. It’s compliant with data privacy and other regulatory guidelines ( ESIGN Act, UETA, eIDAS, ECTA).

Plus, all parties receive Legal Proof® records and forensic audit trail of every e-sign and UETA-compliant transaction for an atomic timestamp of signer IP addresses, date and time of delivery, and exact message content.

audit trails and compliance for signed documents

Higher Efficiencies with Integrations

RSign saves even more time and money with off-the-shelf integrations with the systems and tools you already use. Whatever your industry and sector (legal, sales, self-storage, real-estate, insurance, healthcare, and more), it’s easy to integrate with several plug-and-play standard options.

  • RSign for Salesforce: Simply add RSign buttons to your Salesforce objects to make it easy for your users to sign electronically without leaving Salesforce. You get a variety of pre-fill options, template automation rules, guided eSign controls, notifications, dependencies, and other configurations to populate Salesforce fields.
  • RSign for iManage: Seamlessly create RSign eSignature envelopes with one or more iManage documents, and automatically save signed documents in iManage once the eSignature workflow is completed. Users can start the envelope creation process from RSign, iManage web client, or iManage DeskSite and leverage documents hosted on-premise, iManage Cloud server, or on a third-party server of their choice.
  • RSign for NetDocuments: Enable your clients to seamlessly create eSignature envelopes with one or more documents, and automatically save signed documents in NetDocuments once the eSignature workflow is completed. Users can start the envelope creation process from RSign or from their NetDocuments interface.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Transform your emails into eSignature requests with our Microsoft Outlook App. Simply compose an email, add your attachments, and send for eSignature.
  • Microsoft Office: In this article, we covered how to send documents for eSignature from Microsoft Word, but RSign actually allows you to create electronic signatures from any application of the Microsoft Office Suite like Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Visit this link to get started.

A Better Way to Get Documents Signed in Word with RApp

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software for both businesses and individuals. However, it has limited functionality when it comes to electronic signatures.

RApp not just enables you to create free electronic signatures in Word in a fast and simple manner but does far more. And it’s much more affordable. Try it – it’s free to use!