RPost Year-in-Review and What to Expect in 2020

RPost Year-in-Review and What to Expect in 2020

January 10, 2020 / in General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

The RPost team thanks you, our community of users, customers, partners, shareholders, and advocates, for our best year ever at RPost! Thanks to your loyalty to RPost products, support, and guidance, we have continued to achieve consistent growth year over year with profit from our operations.

Your support enables the RPost team to continue innovating for our customers. We are enhancing product experiences, expanding our product breadth, and helping our customers and partners modernize business processes at an ever-increasing clip.

Each year, we find it useful to reflect on our company’s mission and discuss the steps RPost is taking to move that mission forward for its customers and stakeholders.

As we head into 2020, our mission continues to be to help people worldwide communicate and transact business electronically in the most secure, compliant, and productive ways possible. Today, we have a strong focus on use of our technology in three core categories: HealthTechFinTech, and LegalTech. Across industry, our customers rely on use of RPost technologies for health care privacy compliance and safety notices (e.g. HealthTech), to record insurance and other financial transactions (e.g. FinTech), and to send critical notices that have legal consequence if later challenged (e.g. LegalTech), for example. In these areas, our customers and partners view RPost as a worldwide leader, digitizing workflows and bettering cyber security and compliance.


Over the last year, we have adapted our products and approach for today’s market, and we have made significant investments in secure infrastructure, service management tools, and service functionality. RPost was especially focused on increased automation around the “secure” (cybersecurity) aspect of our mission. We believe cybersecurity plays a critical role in every service RPost offers, whether tracking, proving delivery, eSigning, authenticating content, or sharing large files.

RPost product table

We know that with the heightened sophistication of hackers and Internet thieves, in addition to increased regulation regarding consumer privacy, the job of the IT security and compliance staff is ever-more complex. We believe more automation around our products will significantly benefit our customers.

RPost products are now bundled into or built into email platforms, business management platforms and distribution networks that report to serve hundreds of millions of business users worldwide. We believe overall success centers more than ever on continuously enhancing the customer experience. Optimizing the experience of the entire product eco-system is a priority for RPost, and we have invested heavily in major product updates and innovations to reflect this.

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Let’s review what our teams have been focused on:

1. Automation Everywhere.

Throughout the year we have been adding more ways to automate the optimal user experience for end users and for their IT, compliance, and operations groups. RPost continues to roll out its Next-Gen more connected products with APIs and products that anticipate more with AI. These advancements allow for better security in ways that let customers automate more to transform business operations.

RPost Automation

Ask us about how RSign and RMail APIsRSign Templates and RulesRMail Gateway security automation, RMail Recommends predictive technology, RMail Impostor DetectionRMail Wire Fraud Protection, and RMail Primary Encryption services and settings can do more for you. (Visit our support center or contact an expert)

2. The Email Encryption User Experience has become Central.

Many companies looked at email encryption as a requirement that they needed to “check-the-box” for compliance purposes. Today, those same companies have begun migrating to RMail email encryption as a specialized service – specializing in the user experience and controls that can be set based on who is sending what to whom (ad-hoc or automated).

With RMail, for example, one can easily create a simpler user experience when encrypting for privacy compliance, and one can create a stricter security process when protecting strategic secrets for financial transaction information. One can differentiate based on message content, sender, recipient, recipient company, or geography. One can encrypt from apps like Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra, and Saleseforce.com, and automated from ERP and mail gateway systems. This provides the highest level of security and privacy suitable for each specific communication, and this is innovation with both security and usability in mind. We also have some exciting new patent pending security services due to release in 2020. (Click to learn more about setting minimum TLS levels, preferred encryption mode, maintaining encryption at the recipient inbox, and more or contact an expert).


3. eSign Bliss is Being Found, But at What Price?

eSignatures today satisfy two important needs: (1) to simply get things signed as easily as possible, and (2) to re-think entire business processes. RPost has designed its eSignature services to meet both. For those looking to use standard eSignature services built into their email program, to quickly and easily get anything eSigned, RMail includes RSign Lite. For those who view eSignatures as an opportunity to streamline a business process, RPost’s RSign platform contains simple to use tools that help create templates, rules and dependencies that let you customize the signing experience based on the type of document or form being filled and signed. And, RSign APIs let you easily embed these into other systems and platforms!

What many customers are discovering is that just as soon as they begin to achieve eSign bliss (read more about eSign bliss in our blog), they are let down by some providers’ complex pricing policies. Enter RPost’s RSign–not only simple to use and full featured; but also world renowned, enterprise grade, and simply and affordably priced (Click here for a complimentary eSign process re-evaluation).  Global companies such as Chase certified RSign as satisfying legal and compliance demands, and they have identified RSign among the leading services available today, as have Gartner, and Forrester Research, and leading technology analysts, in their recent eSignature market guides.


4. Resurgence of Registered Email™ service, the definitive worldwide standard for email delivery proof.

Many of our national and global customer brands went deeper into the technologies of our landmark service, Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof. Some of the world’s most respected brands are not only boosting their use of Registered Email services within existing processes, but they are also expanding use to more departments, using RMail APIs to extract more data from the Registered Email receipts and reports. Many of these companies are making Registered Email e-delivery tracking and proof a connected extension of their systems. Some, like Shell, have transitioned from e-fax for a better experience. Some, like Loudoun County, Virginia, had tried to use standard email and email bulk sending platforms for mission critical notices and realized they were not reliable when each email had to be tracked and proven. Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof is the worldwide standard since its first (and continuous) use by the US Government Accountability Office, an arm of the United States Congress, in 2003. To view a video on the details of the Registered Receipt email record, click here.


5. Central Command

We all live in a connected world. At RPost, we have opted to now connect everything. We put the user in command, and we put their administrators in central command. Users who start with RMail for Office 365 Outlook have a centralized feature experience where they can access services to track, prove, send for eSignature, encrypt email, transmit secure large files, send private contextual notes, monitor for impostor email, and much more. And, with one click, they can access RSign to add simple automation to more complex form fill and eSigning needs. They can also easily manage their settings in RMail and RSign web portals. For administrators, we have made it easy to tame unruly service settings, policies, and user access. We have connected all our products together with our RPortal, which has become our central management console for all RPost products, settings, user administration and report generation. (Contact a customer success manager to learn more.)

What is to come in 2020 and beyond?

RPost continues to build for three interconnected trends.

    1. Privacy Compliance with Heightened Regulation. Consumers are becoming more aware of (and concerned with) the overzealous dissemination of their personal information. This has led to new regulations in major markets to protect personal information with heightened enforcement actions. The RMail Registered Receipt email record, originally the mainstay to certify proof of e-delivery, content and timestamp, is now enjoying a second life for auditable proof of privacy compliance.First West testimonial
    2. Hyper-automation. With heightened risk of liability associated with misuse or inadvertent disclosure of client personal information and evermore sophisticated internet criminals and hackers, companies are reaching a tipping point in terms of cybersecurity complexity and risk. Cybersecurity automation is becoming a must-have to keep pace with the risks. We have strategic technology partners who have opted to deeply integrate RPost security technology. Security Automation meets RMail Gateway and RMail Recommends, two or our products that build in adaptive security automation that helps companies transform the way they think about security and compliance. Look for these in 2020.
    3. Digitizing Workflows (with security and compliance in mind): Business processes involving external communications are being re-examined to add more security and to add more connectivity. The new company role of the “Chief Digital Officer” will speed desire to digitize workflows. With this newfound appetite to connect platforms for maximum process modernization, we have opted to re-think all our APIs and are releasing them as a single product; easy for developers and technology staff to view, test, and consume. We have even put together pre-packaged sets of APIs used by companies to digitize workflows common across companies, and we have built out dedicated global infrastructure for our highest volume API senders.RMail security

But what is most important? Our customers and our strategic partners.

We value all our customers, whether they are new or whether they have been with us for over a decade. We at RPost have opted to transform our customer interactions by implementing a new team approach.

Our 2020 customer strategy is to provide each customer a dedicated success specialist – a staff member with overall knowledge of all RPost products, settings, service plans, and systems to serve as front-line support for our customer administrators and their VIP users. For those who request a deep product dive, we have our advanced support team. For those who wish to explore adding more services or enhancing how they access services with our automation tools, we have dedicated specialists. When it is time to decide how to simplify pricing when renewing, our sales experts chime in. We believe that making a broadly skilled team accessible to our customers differentiates us from others in the marketplace.

Customers who choose RPost know they have a team supporting them who will do what it takes to make them successful. Partners who choose RPost know that RPost teams are passionate about their products and are looking to make them better every day for each of our partners.

What’s Next?

    1. Working with Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor, you will see more RPost products everywhere – through IT service providers across the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. RMail is one of Ingram Micro’s select Office 365 enhancements in its global security portfolio. RSign is one of Ingram Micro’s elite eSignature services in its global business applications portfolio.RMail and Ingram
    2. Working with SoftwareOne, the world’s largest technology software lifecycle management company, we are striving to bring RPost’s specialized enterprise applications — RSign eSignature workflows, RMail Gateway automated encryption, RMail for Office 365 Outlook, and Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof – to the procurement departments of most large companies with affordable enterprise-grade service plans.SoftwareONE testimonial
    3. Working with Frama, one of the world’s leading postal financial technology companies, we are bringing RMail and RSign to local markets across Europe through their embedded teams servicing customers in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish. Danish, and Swedish. RMail Outlook
    4. Working with Certicamara, one of the largest digital authentication companies in Latin America, has expanded use of RMail and Registered Email services among giants Telefonica, American Movil’s ClaroAT&T’s DirectTV along with other large corporate and government customers with scheduled expansion into its entire customer base in 2020.
    5. Working with our industry platform partners, we put our services a click away from insurance, legal, financial, health care, and property management professionals. More software platforms are choosing to integrate elements of RPost technologies into their products, making it straightforward for their business users to secure and streamline their workflows.
    6. Interacting with our customers and partners provides us with insights to continue to be a technology thought leader. We aim to contribute to the community by sharing these tech insights and tips through our 100,000+ weekly business readership of our Tech Essentials blog.

Thank You!

The RPost team appreciates the opportunity to continue serving the thousands of corporate customers and partners in addition to the more than 25 million users who have relied on RPost services over the last decade. While it is useful to reflect on our team’s advancements and progress over the past year, our strategy continues to be guided by our goal to position and maintain every RPost service as the top choice for new and existing users worldwide. To this end, we trust you will be excited to see what the RPost team delivers in year MMXX.

On behalf of the RPost team, I wish you and the entire RPost community a safe and successful year and decade ahead.

– Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost