5 Top Tech Trends – Email Security and eSignatures

5 Top Tech Trends – Email Security and eSignatures

June 10, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

5 Top Tech Trends for The Year (So Far)

It’s great to be traveling again, especially to conferences that inspire all kinds of new insights—insights that can be passed on to RPost friends and customers. After nearly two years of being holed up in front of my laptop and ring light, the ability to fly off to different places and get real insights from live people is as refreshing as it is relieving.

Many of you who are familiar with me know that I’m an avid traveler (for business and pleasure). I love flying so much that I put our corporate office within a stone’s throw of LAX, so being grounded (as it were) was a serious drag. Let’s just say now, I’m very much feeling back in my element, speaking on panels at tech conferences and seeing many of my old friends in person again.

Based on all these great recent interactions, I thought I would share the 5 top tech trends and insights I and my team have observed based on feedback from managed service provider (MSPs) and IT staff attendees at recent conferences.

1. Microsoft Office is Great, But Can Easily Be Made Better.

Our team recently introduced RPostONE – one install that does it all. R1 adds email security (dynamically-adapting-for-ease-of-use email encryption, open tracking, certified e-delivery proof, secure large file share, impostor protection, lookalike domain alerts) and electronic signatures inside Microsoft Outlook and Office.

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2. Security Training for Users Needs to Be Automated and Ongoing, In-the-Moment of Sending.

Our team (re)introduced RMail Recommends™– AI that, in-the-moment-of-sending, automatically sensitizes users of their need to treat certain messages differently and encrypting if so. The AI also identifies newly created “lookalike” domains in recipient addresses — common cyber thief impostor domain trickery that often leads to mis-wiring or paying fake invoices. It also alerts the sender after they click send, but before the actual sending, all within the Microsoft Outlook interface.

3. Check-the-Box ‘We Have Encryption’ Does Not Make Encryption Usable Often. There Needs to Be a Better Way.

We heard from MSPs and IT staff that, as the need for email encryption increases, clunky and recipient-complex systems create more support issues. What we’ve heard is that the RMail encryption formula is spot on. Simple for Recipient = High Open Rate = Happy Sender = No Support Calls.

4. What eSign Bliss Means Today, In Uncertain Economic Times.

Big cost savings can be the catalyst to phase out ‘initially purchased’ eSign in favor of a feature-rich and a much more affordable alternative.

We found that many who had initially purchased an expensive eSignature service realize now the cost savings of RSign make it exciting to switch (to RSign) or if they are not already using eSign, easy to get started (with RSign).

5. Microsoft Azure Information Protection, While Solving a Problem, Creates Too Many Hurdles for Viewers.

That’s why we introduced RDocs. It puts security into the document so doc owners can track doc views and doc popularity, control location availability, or unsend/kill documents, even after the send. RDocs is ubiquitously accessible (no companion software or extra Microsoft licenses for document viewers), and it solves the problems of AIP; designed to make document security mainstream.

As the year moves on, and as I continue to travel to conferences and summits to get insights, I’ll be sure to report more findings as I go along. Contact us to discuss how you can get started with RPostONE, RMail Recommends™, RMail, RSign or RDocs.