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June 02, 2020 / in Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Is Work from Home Here to Stay Permanently?

Almost everyone around the world is working from home, due to the imposed lockdown to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. This arrangement has a lot of benefits for both employees and employers. But, will the work from home continue even after the lockdown restrictions are lifted?

Recently, the “Permanent-WFH” trend has gained momentum in the tech industry as many companies are extending WFH policies, including:

    • Facebook starts planning for permanent remote workers
    • Amazon extending optional WFH till at least October 2020
    • Twitter saying​ that employees can opt for permanent WFH
    • Microsoft allowing WFH​ for all but “essential” workers till October 2020
    • Salesforce allowing employees to work from home for the rest of 2020
    • Google also extending WFH​ through the rest of 2020
    • Zillow making WFH​ universally available through the end of the year
    • Twitter saying​ that employees can WFH permanently if they wish
    • Square employees will be able to work from home even after the COVID-19
    • Barclays CEO Jes Staley says crowded corporate offices with thousands of employees “may be a thing of the past”
    • Nationwide announcing a permanent transition to a hybrid work model

According to a recent Gartner survey, 74 percent of CFOs expect some of their employees who were forced to work from home because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to continue working remotely after the pandemic ends.

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In March 2020, RPost formalized one of the first work from home (WFH) programs to help end users during the pandemic that included a (free) eSignature, email security and encryption, and file sharing toolkit with RSign and RMail—two of RPost’s award-winning products. We succeeded in helping thousands of companies quickly and affordably adapt to the new normal with this pandemic.

Some good news is that while we are winding down this pandemic WFH program as people focus on back-to-business, we will continue to extend this for those in need, to help customers, friends, and their friends during this continuing health and economic crisis. With a 2-minute install into Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, or using our web apps, everyone is automatically enabled for RSign and RMail business licenses while this program continues. Simple and fast — install from any RSign or RMail website or partner program worldwide. After the program ends, service will continue but at free base levels (vs. free business licenses)

And we at RPost are continuing to innovate during these challenging times: Xerox released the first-ever scan-to-encrypt button for its print-scanners called Xerox Connect for RMail Encryption. Users can enjoy the convenience of the scan-to-email function and now can do so with peace-of-mind about the privacy, proof and security of their transmitted scanned information. More on this at our June 18 global partner and user conference, OPTMIZE! 2020.