Endless Summer Sale for RMail E-Security and/or RSign eSignature Business Plans

Endless Summer Sale for RMail E-Security and/or RSign eSignature Business Plans

September 02, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

It’s simply in our DNA, to be feature-rich plus much more affordable.

The last weekend of summer has arrived. The days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school, and your colleagues have all returned tanned from their vacations. Correspondingly, our Mid-Summer Tech Essentials Sale has also wound down. However, there still are a couple days before Labor Day, so let’s not put Summer 2022 in the books just yet.

Some other good news is that, while you may not have been able to take advantage of that sale, our prices have still barely budged during this time of 40-year inflation highs. Yes, everything this year from your gas to pizza to Uber rides have gone up double digits (while your 401Ks may have gone down double digits). RMail and RSign are priced virtually the same—providing you with your own e-security-based Inflation Reduction Act. Put another way, consider this our Endless (Summer) Sale.

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Many of our e-sign competitors have even taken the liberty of getting on the inflation bandwagon and moved their pricing up (or kept pricing the same but reduced services), but RSign is still less than half the cost with the same friendlier-to-work-with services. In fact, we guarantee that we’ll cut your e-sign costs by 60% or more if you use one of the expensive services out there. RSign is the only global e-signature platform built on 20 years of leadership in email security and compliance, and it’s built to meet even your most obscure technical requirements.

And let’s talk about your email security. I’m just curious (in a flippant way), but on your summer vacation, did you happen to see any cyber criminals chilling out on the beach? Of course not. They don’t take vacations because they’re constantly on the prowl—looking for vulnerabilities (technical or human) that can be exploited. The RSign and RMail teams don’t take vacations either. There’s just too much at stake, and that’s why we innovated holistic AI-infused email security layers at the security gateway and integrated into the inbox.

So, there must be a built-in price hike here, right? Keep RSign the same price (or lower with a summer sale) and jack up RMail because of all this fancy new AI and cool features. Nope. Same deal. We simply can’t afford to upcharge for each new feature because we’ve learned over the last 20 years in this business that our customers are counting on us every day and that pulling the (price) rug out from under them is just not who we are.

P.S. For reading all the way to the end of this Tech Essentials article without spilling mustard from your Labor Day BBQ hot dog or vegan burger on your phone, we’ll give you an additional 25% off our endlessly low prices for RMail E-Security Business plans (that include our new PRE-Crime suite), and/or RSign eSignature Business plans, for annual licenses.

Simply fill the form – click here – before September 6 to reserve your endless summer special discount, request sales help and service quote, and add “Endless Summertime Special in the comment field.

Of course, this does not combine with other specials and is for new customers or new purchases using the Microsoft Outlook or Gmail instances, or RSign web.

You can always contact us to discuss how you can take advantage of the Endless (Summer) Sale with RSign and/or RMail. Have a great Labor Day Weekend!