Optimize 2020

Quick Fix Panel: Minor Adjustments, Major Benefits

Add a button to Outlook, a Chrome extension to G-Suite, a plug-in to Salesforce.com, an app for Xerox, a quick smart-host email routing change. Minor adjustments can make life more secure and a lot easier for staff, whether in the office or in-home office.

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO


  • Xerox: Global workplace solutions and printing technologies company, recently released simple adjustment to scan-to-email process, creating first-ever app to scan-to-encrypted-email directly from the keypad of multi-function printing machines — HIPAA and GDPR privacy compliance, and protecting the remote worker.
    • Dewey Rodgers, Apps Marketing
  • DocsCorp: Global security solutions for lawyers adds a simple (newly enhanced) add-in to Microsoft Outlook protects law and other professionals from human error causing data leaks, with other major benefits including simple e-sign and certified mail electronic replacement.
    • Ben Mitchell, VP of Global Commercial Operations
  • Acuity: European practice management platform built on Salesforce.com, adding simple security enhancement for major privacy, compliance, and accountability benefit. Their solution for consulting companies (i.e. accountancy, lawyers, notaries and business consultancies) is called Tess.
    • Ronald Dekkers, Technical Director
  • Danastar: European service provider with hundreds of smaller health care clinics communicating among peers and patients using G-Suite with a minor adjustment – adding specialized HIPAA/GDPR complaint email encryption suited for patient correspondence.
    • Jonas Seidenfaden, Technical Specialist