Optimize 2020

Automating with Email Routing: Easy Automation Examples

API integrations are becoming easier, but when used for sending email, they bypass important outbound email scanning and archiving tools. Hear about novel (and simple) ways to automate email encryption, wire-fraud protection, e-delivery proof, email tracking, and e-sign via email routing rules.

Moderator: Alex Khan, RPost VP Global Services


  • Tata Communications: World’s largest international telecom carrier by capacity discusses how manage rate change notifications with customers and trading partners in nearly every country, through automation and electronic messaging.
    • Maria Teyssier, Pricing Manager
  • N&D Group insurance: Norfolk & Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance, Fitchburg Mutual Insurance and Dorchester Mutual Insurance regional insurance carrier group discusses simple way to automate e-policy delivery with proof of delivery of disclosures and waivers, and security.
    • Shashi Ayachitam, IT Director