Most Popular Insurance and Legal Users Are Switching to RSign for eSignatures

Most Popular Insurance and Legal Users Are Switching to RSign for eSignatures

August 19, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Vertafore, Applied Systems, iManage, and NetDocuments Users Are Switching to RSign for eSignatures

What is modern marketing without hoopla? Our friends at Wiktionary define hoopla as “a bustling to-do, excited speech, or noise.” The term’s origins are uncertain, but it probably comes from the French houp-là or oup-là (meaning “upsidaisy”), a cry of various animals close to humans like horses and dogs.

While marketing often relies on hoopla to promote products or services, there is also a somewhat negative connotation around the term, as it can mean lots of hype without lots of substance. Recently, we’ve heard lots of hoopla about RSign in the legal and insurance industries, but I can assure you that there’s plenty of substance behind it — call it “true hoopla.” (If you’re not in the insurance or legal industries, I can also assure you that this same hoopla can very much apply to your business.)

A slew of iManage, NetDocuments, Vertafore, and Applied Systems users and other platforms are starting to use or are switching to RSign for eSignatures.

So, we asked them why?

First, we’ve been supporting insurance and legal customers with our eSignature services since the dawn of (eSign) time—since the early, early 2000’s. And because of this, you can be sure we’ve got the RSign features and settings that you need. Feature richness is in our DNA.

Second, we’re here for you. We think of software as a service as, quite literally, a service business. We try harder for you, and we’ve set up a fully managed migration team so that you can migrate from other eSign services. Plus, we’ll set up all of your templates and eSign rules for you. You will get gold star service with friendlier RSign people.

Third, we’re much (much) more affordable. We guarantee that we’ll cut your eSign costs by 60% or more if you use one of the expensive services out there in the ether. If you use a cheap one, we’ll still be affordable, and we’ll be a much better experience.

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Finally – and this is the one causes the most hoopla – how RSign connects to popular platforms (like Vertafore AMS 360, iManage, NetDocuments, Applied Epic; among others). With some, like iManage and NetDocuments for lawyers, RSign is the only service that is tightly integrated. So that users can understand what they are getting in terms of RSign’s blissful ease of use, we highlight a few examples below.

  • Sending for eSign: With RSign, you can, in any of the mentioned platforms, click on a file and “send-to”, “print-to”, or “drag-and-drop or attach to” RSign. Each of these steps magically opens a new RSign browser pre-logged in, with your files pre-loaded for configuring and sending for eSign.
  • Using Templates: You can of course pre-configure documents and save them as templates, use our API, and much more.
  • Filing the Final eSign Record: While there are many options, most customers prefer to have the final eSign record returned to the sender via email, so the sender can open the eSign record, ensure the client record looks ok, and then upload it into the Vertafore client’s record. However, with some platforms like iManage and NetDocuments, the return eSign record is automatically placed by RPost in the document management systems’ client record.

Bottom line: RSign has everything you need – feature-rich, friendlier to work with, blissfully easy, and much more affordability.

Please contact us to discuss how you can get started with RSign to see what all the true hoopla is about.