SMART Way to E-sign Documents & Secure Sensitive Data in Emails

SMART Way to eSign Documents & Secure Sensitive Data in Emails

March 22, 2021 / in Tech Essentials, Virtual Receptions / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Get SMART in 2021

Over the last decade or so, you’ve no doubt heard just about any appliance or electronic device marketed as being ‘smart’. We all know now about smart phones, and there are also refrigerators and dryers that are smart as well. As recently as three years ago, we began to hear about smart cars, headphones and even shoes, making the term ‘smart’ a victim of the same hype we saw in the 90’s with the term, ‘extreme’ (or later ‘Xtreme!’).

As it happens with terms that get over-marketed, the term itself loses all meaning. Strictly speaking, a ‘smart’ device is connected to other devices or networks via wireless protocols and can operate to some extent interactively and autonomously. So essentially, the electronics industry conflated wireless connectivity with some form of higher-level artificial intelligence in the same way the beverage industry conflated highly sugared and caffeinated soft drinks with the ability to scale mountains and do 720 degree turns on a skateboard.

We at Tech Essentials are thus set to reclaim the term ‘smart’ and get it back to its natural origins—i.e., more about intelligence and innovation, less about internet connectivity. Smart to us means configuring existing technology in novel ways, using cutting-edge features to their fullest to best optimize business workflow, and automating processes in ways to free up creative minds so as to innovate next-level ideas.

Smart to us means creatively using technology to become more effective stakeholders in our respective businesses. Some of the most innovative features of RMail and RSign were dreamed up by our customers who realized that their smart ideas would find a home with us. So going forward, we’re going to brand our own version of ‘smart’ as SMART.

By using RMail and RSign to their fullest, we hope to empower our end users to showcase their SMARTS every time they eSign documents and secure their sensitive personal data in emails. For IT managers, we want to make them heroes who can showcase to their teams their SMARTNESS in effectively integrating a solution that makes their business run smoother while more secure. For operations managers, we want to help them SMARTLY transform processes once seen as cumbersome and time-consuming; think more automation.

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We also want to highlight that technology is far from the be-all of SMART solutions. Technology should be humanized for the end user, and that’s why our customer success team is always trying harder to help users and IT and operations managers get the most out of their services with us.

We hope that 2021, in addition to being the first year of the Soaring 20s, will be the year of SMART, and we will be dedicating our June OPTIMIZE! global user (virtual) conference to SMART concepts. We will be emailing out more information on this in the coming weeks, but you can expect the same commitment to our users as we had in our 2020 Virtual Conference with a focus on interactivity, knowledge sharing and, of course, process optimization that will make all our end users look SMARTER than ever.