Most Important Electronic Signature Features You Really Need

Most Important Electronic Signature Features You Really Need

September 27, 2021 / in Electronic Signatures / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Now, Let’s Talk About the eSignature Features You Really Need

It’s been a hectic week what with jitters in the financial markets and strained relationships between great power nations. If all this disconcerting news has made you want to re-evaluate some of your more expensive arrangements with your business’ software platforms, we at Tech Essentials are here to help.

Our article last week highlighted feature-richness as one of the top eSignature provider selection criteria, so we wanted to go into a bit more detail on what this means as well as some of the exact “must-have” features involved.


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For those new to eSign, or newly looking for a new eSign provider, here are a couple of the most important eSignature features: (In the coming weeks, we’ll highlight additional eSign features that have a cool-factor, so please stay tuned.)

    • Sender-Ease: This is all about making it easy to simply attach and send documents for eSignoff (RMail eSignE-Paper is the best for this, for example). And for those who want to put a bit more finger-clicking-muscle into the set-up, you can easily add the ability to drag and drop eSign fill fields onto your document with some mouse-strokes,
      •  align those fields so they are visually appealing to the signer (great for those of the perfectionist type),
      • add signer colors to distinguish which signers are signing what (fashionistas, pick your own colors),
      • re-size and replicate field rules (great for those on smaller screens or those who love copy-paste efficiencies), and
      • create auto-reminders and auto-notifications for when the eSign process progresses (or does not) to the next signers.
    • Reuse Prior Set-up Efforts: For a sender administrator, life is a lot easier/sweeter when you can set documents up with all the eSign rules (described above) and then save the configured document or form as a template that is shareable with a team for re-use (think RSign Templates). RSign eSign web application has the most eSign set-up ease and flexibility
    • Reuse documents where the content changes with each send but the eSign and fill fields remain consistent (i.e., a purchase form where the order number changes but the approval fields remain consistent). This makes use of eSign much more practical for business operations (think RSign Rules).
    • Do all of the above predefining specific permissions for each signer and workflow rules (who signs in what order, who pre-fills but does not sign, who is copied on the final signoff as a separate party). This is what makes eSign a true workplace automation tool (think RSign sequential eSign and signer roles).

Here’s a real-world use case: Insurance claims processing is heavily dependent on receiving signatures in sequence and electronically.

Heather Dunn, Claims Supervisor at Mercury Insurance states, RSign is a saving grace, and every customer is getting their payments a lot quicker than they would have if otherwise mailing out of the documents.” (Click here to listen to her 1-minute discussion).

Of course, please let us know if we can help you select (or re-select) a top eSign solution like RSign. Or, you can even schedule your own RSign personalized tour or demo here.