Encrypt Emails Containing Sensitive Financial Information

Encrypt Emails Containing Sensitive Financial Information

April 19, 2021 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

The Two Certainties in Life: RMail and RSign?

As I write this exactly at 10:40 on April 15, I instinctually feel like there’s some important deadline I’m missing, a day where I feel should have already done something. Is it someone’s birthday or an anniversary? Do I need to get an oil change? No, it’s the traditional tax filing deadline in the US.

For the second year in a row, April 15 is just another day. Taxes aren’t due until May 17 now, which means us Americans have an extra month to dig up all those receipts and W2s — another month to plug in all those numbers into your tax prep software and pray that the red numbers switch to green with each new deduction. It’s around this time where we all pretty much know whether we’ll be writing a check to the government or getting enough of a refund to justify that new paddle board.

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So a couple things to think about, as we think about taxes:

    1. If you send your return to a professional for preparation, do NOT send via regular email. Basically, every sensitive bit of information pertaining to you and your family is in that return, and hackers have known all about this for years. You must encrypt these emails, and luckily, RMail offers award winning email encryption that has been relied on worldwide by governments, businesses and individuals since 2000. (See how easy it is to use here.)
    2. Alongside tax season, unfortunately, comes budget season (at least for many of our business customers). Your e-security and/or eSignature annual renewals may now be due, and perhaps you’re considering a higher level of service and features that would also cut your costs down drastically. While switching providers isn’t something most people look forward to, now might be the time to start exploring your options. The pandemic forced us to do business from afar, and the ability to encrypt emails and sign contracts digitally is not going anywhere, so why not give RMail and RSign a try if you haven’t already? We’ve heard from so many that the user experience is the simplest, the features the richest, and the pricing the most affordable.

Taxation can be a sensitive political subject that can lead to some serious disagreements. The United States would probably still have the King/Queen of England on its money if Americans were okay with the tax situation in the 1760s. Fortunately, the only thing the British have taxed us with since is Harry Styles.

So, enjoy the extra month to prepare those 1040s. As we all know from the cliché, there is only one other thing certain in life, and this something you definitely can’t postpone.