Templates for Contracts

How to Transform Workflows by Creating Templates for Contracts, Forms, or Other Documents

The use of electronic signatures is skyrocketing every year, aided by the convenience and simplicity they offer, as well as the force of government and legal endorsements. From legal and finance to administration and HR, every aspect of our modern workplace involves one or the other form of form-filling, printing, copying, or scanning.

HR departments spend hours on recruiting and onboarding workflows, property managers are constantly juggling rental agreements and maintenance requests, healthcare staff is busy with patient intake forms and physician licensing, and insurance agents dedicate hours to settle claims, and documents. And it’s precisely here that eSignatures are proving quite useful to send and sign documents faster anywhere, saving time and costs, while providing a better experience to both internal and external stakeholders.

But with increased usage, it’s essential to have streamlined and automated document workflows so you can collaborate effectively, stay productive, and continue to offer a great customer experience – whether you prefer to work in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid workspace.

Workflow Automation with Templates for Contracts and Forms

eSignature solutions, with their many advanced and customizable features, can be integrated seamlessly into business workflows to digitally transform processes and boost efficiency. However, distributing documents, forms, or agreements, one recipient at a time, is not scalable considering the quantum of HR notices that require acknowledgment, and rental or financial agreements that need signing.

You can skip the line with a simple solution – templates, a complete time-saver. All you have to do is customize your eSignature workflow, prepare your document by dragging and dropping your fillable fields and you’re ready to send to multiple recipients within seconds! You will never have to prepare the same document again. You can even assign a signing order to specify in which order you want the recipients to sign your form.

Rules are a specific type of template where the fillable fields are static, but the underlying document is dynamic. Rules are great time-savers for documents where the content will often vary, but the signature field (or any other types of fields) will always be placed at the exact same position within the layout.

Here are a couple of use cases where rules and templates for contracts can help reduce the time significantly, enhance collaboration and productivity, and reduce costs:

  • Sales contracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Vendor/supplier agreements
  • New customer forms
  • Change orders
  • Real estate contracts
  • Employee agreements
  • NDAs
  • Intellectual property licensing & other legal agreements
  • Parental consent forms
  • Employee onboarding

RSign, a global electronic signature solution by RPost, can help you transform your workflows through its dynamic templates and rules elements.

Enhance Productivity and Collaboration by Leveraging Templates for Contracts and Forms

RSign makes it easier to send and sign documents online from any desktop or mobile device. But it’s also more than just an eSignature solution – it helps you implement digital workflows to produce repeatable, scalable processes and establish best practices for every business document. You can configure any document as a reusable template so you never have to repeat the same thing for a similar transaction.

Configuring templates for contracts or any other document is a simple four-step process:

Configuring templates for contracts
Attach documents to convert into a template for contracts
  1. From the RSign dashboard, click Templates and create a new template of a document or commonly used form.
  2. Give the template a name and description, and set frequently used options such as expiry date and custom reminders.
  3. Attach the base document or form that you wish to convert into a template.
  4. Drag and drop the input fields onto your document. Save as a Template or a Rule and send.

Once you create templates this way, you can share them across the organization, edit them if needed, and even send them to multiple recipients at once.

Drag and Drop fields in Templates for Contracts

Advanced Functionalities

RSign goes a step beyond to take templates to the next level with the following customizable features:

  • Post the document or form as a static link on a website or inside a message to take the recipients directly to the forms or contracts to sign without needing to send an email.
  • Add a URL to bring the signer back to it after the document has been signed.
  • Reuse a message template (email subject and body) in another document so you don’t have to create messages from scratch.
  • Set automated alerts and notifications to go out to the recipients to expedite the signing process.
  • Create dropdown boxes and place checkboxes anywhere on the document in addition to tags and signature fields.
  • Add conditions to the signing process so that if an action is performed on one field control, additional actions will be performed on other form field controls.

Even Higher Efficiencies with Integrations

Templates have the power to streamline workflows – yes. But RSign’s integrations take efficiency a notch higher. If your business uses a CRM or a document management platform, it’s important that your eSignatures solution can seamlessly integrate. At RSign, we have got you covered with dozens of plug-and-play integrations and a full set of APIs to embed electronic signatures anywhere:

  • Microsoft Outlook: Transform your emails into eSignature requests with our Microsoft Outlook App. Simply compose an email, add your attachments, and send for eSignature.
  • Windows OS: RApp, a plug & play eSignature desktop application, installs directly onto Windows to allow RSign users to send documents for eSignature directly from your desktop as well as any on-premise or web application.
  • Microsoft Office: RApp, a plug & play eSignature desktop application, allows you to send documents for eSignature directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Visit this link to get started.
  • Salesforce: RSign for Salesforce makes it easy for users to send a set of documents/forms and templates for contracts for eSignature directly from Salesforce. You can even map RSign fields to Salesforce fields to trigger automatic Salesforce actions based on the data inputted into your forms and documents. Each message returns legal and court-admissible documents with eSignatures and a robust eSign audit trail.
  • iManage: RSign for iManage enables a seamless creation of RSign eSignature envelopes with one or more iManage documents, as well as any templates for contracts, and automatically saves signed documents once the eSignature workflow is completed.
  • NetDocuments: RSign for NetDocuments enables your teams to seamlessly create eSignature envelopes with one or more documents, and automatically save signed documents in NetDocuments once the eSignature workflow is completed. Users can start the envelope creation process from RSign or their NetDocuments interface.
  • SIS Partner Platform: RSign for SIS Partner Platform allows users to send forms and documents for eSignatures with a few clicks without leaving the SIS Partner Platform interface, leveraging Templates and Rules, tracking e-delivery of eSignature envelopes, and more.

Final Word

Choosing an eSignature solution is not an easy task. Among other factors, it’s important to consider:

  • The abundance of features
  • Whether the pricing model adapts to the evolving needs and usage of your business
  • How easy or cumbersome it is to integrate into your tech stack
  • Whether it’s intuitive or requires a lot of training and technical knowledge to use
  • How knowledgeable and friendly the customer support team is
  • Whether it provides robust forensic evidence of agreement as well as compliance with eSignature and data privacy laws and regulations

RSign checks all these boxes. Plus, it’s much more affordable at scale and is free to use. Try it to create free electronic signatures now!