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Meeting Today’s Challenges with E-Sign and E-Security. An Insurance Perspective.

Peer Perspectives from Insurance Companies: Are Today’s E-Signatures More Than a Signature? Can Email Encryption be Elegant (from a User Perspective)?

Today’s e-signatures are more than a signature. What are the most important elements of e-signature solutions, and how are users optimizing user experience, automation, and affordability?

Can email encryption be elegant? If so, aspects of email encryption make it elegant for users and easy on compliance?

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO


Dibuduo & Defendis Insurance Brokers, an Insurance and financial services (estate & business planning, executive compensation, and retirement) company that has modernized operations with a focus on security and email encryption automation as well as e-signatures, for hundreds of staff.

  • Jon McNally, Director of Information Technology

Hood Hargett & Associates, an insurance company that has optimized e-security and e-signatures for hundreds of staff running RMail within Outlook and RSign online, with Applied Epic agency management system.

  • Jim Vaughn, Director of Agency Operations

Princeton Insurance Agency, an insurance company that has optimized e-security and e-signatures, providing a unique perspective of opting to arm each RMail e-security user with RSign e-signature services.

  • Neera Kuckreja, Vice President