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Insights from the Field: What Has Been Seen Cannot be Unseen

A Perspective from Managed Service Providers: E-Sign & E-Security Trends & Insights Across the Market.

Did the world change after the start of COVID? A global shock has exposed new and not-so-new technologies to those who may be stuck in their ways. Can the world “unsee” this new way of doing business? Insights and tips from IT providers.

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO


ACE-IT Solutions, a financial services-specialized managed service provider that accesses RMail and RSign through the Ingram Micro Cloud marketplace and optimizes its financial services and registered investment advisor client base with simple to use RMail e-security and RSign e-sign.

  • Warren Finkel, Managing Partner

MDaemon Technologies, a technology security pioneer, with two decades of experience automating perimeter-based security for inbound email and malware protection, and outbound email security and compliance integrated through RMail.

  • Kevin Beatty, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development