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Peer Perspectives from UK and European Banks, Credit Unions, Factors, and Lenders: Are Today’s E-Signatures More Than a Signature? Can Email Encryption be Elegant (from a User Perspective)?

Today’s e-signatures are more than a signature. What are the most important elements of e-signature solutions, and how are users optimizing user experience, automation, and affordability?

Can email encryption be elegant? If so, aspects of email encryption make it elegant for users and easy on compliance?

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO


Castlemilk Credit Union, a Scottish-based credit union that has optimised e-sign and e-security to better client interactions, with RMail e-sign and RMail email encryption.

  • Elizabeth Campbell, Manager

Stirling Credit Union, a British credit union that has optimised e-sign and e-security to speed loan processing. RMail e-sign facilitates e-business, in particular in rural areas where there is limited access to offices. Stirling Credit Union accesses RMail as part of the Kesho banking platform and Wargan heads the Kesho User Group.

  • Stephen Worgan, Director