Your Email Remains Private Even When in Recipient's Inbox

Your Email Remains Private Even When in Recipient’s Inbox

August 23, 2021 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Get Some Rest (for Your Files) for the Rest of Your Summer

As we head into one of the summer’s final weekends, I’m doing the usual exercise of wondering where all the time went. This certainly was not a restful summer for the world what with Delta variants, ransomware attacks, record-setting wildfires and now hurricanes baring in on my hometown. On a lighter note, we were also not resting at RPost in bringing you our virtual user conference and many new, groundbreaking and value-packed features for RMail and RSign.

I seem to remember a time once where summers were all about hot dogs, softball games, and long and warm nights spent with friends and family. Summer was and should still be about rest, as the restorative power of mental and physical rest is well-documented. It allows for us to reset our minds and bodies and give us a welcome change in perspective from our hectic lives.

And did you know there is such a thing as “encryption at rest”? It sounds so blissful! It means that your files, while they are peacefully resting on your hard drive, cannot be disturbed by prying eyes or cyber sleuths. For email, encryption “at rest” today means that the particular message you are sending to someone can, in fact, remain private even while inside the email box of your recipient.

Uniquely, with RMail’s “Double Encryption”, the message and its attachments can be set to sit inside the recipient’s email box encrypted, even when de-crypted by the intended recipient.

Why are people asking for this email encryption “at rest” these days? With more email being run by external service providers and with more remote workers using unknown systems, many now want the assurance that those email administrators at the recipient (or any unauthorized ransomer or cybersleuth trying to cause havoc) will not be able to view the message under any circumstance.

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And with RMail’s Message Level “Double Encryption”, there are different options for password sharing, so the sender can choose what is best per message or per user. There are also settings so that there is never any storage in the middle (en route). The sender can even use the RMail Disappearing Ink™ feature to expire ultra-sensitive content from within the message, even after delivery and even while the email resides in the recipient’s inbox!

We may not be able to stave off all the unfortunate news coming at us this summer, but we are trying to do our part to ease worried minds about email security, which is a growing concern for all business people these days. So, enjoy what is left of this waning summer and get some real rest if you can.

And, let us know if you would like us to show you how to help your email message remain rested (encrypted-at-rest) after they leave your sent folder.