Smarter Email Encryption and Electronic Signatures

Smarter Email Encryption and Electronic Signatures

June 21, 2021 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

It Turns Out, Mars is Still Uninviting for Mere-Mortal Business Execs

Last Thursday, RPost concluded the first ever business-tech conference held on Mars, Optimize! 2021 eSign E-Security. Due to limited spaceflight availability, RPost provided virtual Earth-links for attendees. Those RPost employees attending the conference on the Red Planet flew coach to pass the savings to our customers, the greatest in the Solar System.

We’re not sure why the virtual attendance far outpaced the in-person attendance on Mars, but perhaps it’s because Mars is still uninviting for mere-mortal business executives. Or perhaps Mars hospitality does not yet compare to the post-conference resort elements of the Earthly conference hubs of Las Vegas or Orlando?

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Regardless, we here at Tech Essentials are reporting to you some of the greatest hits from this show that centered on “SMART-as-a-Service” – everything about using your existing e-services in smarter ways or switching to new, smarter technologies.

Jonathon Israel, Director of Legal Fuel, the law practice management center of The Florida Bar highlighted his top four new technologies for lawyers as ones that solve long-held business challenges:

#1 – Security Challenge. How to sensitize staff to evolving email risks without having to train them (and train them again)?

Answer: RMail’s AI-infused “In-the-Moment” automated security training with the new RMail Recommends™ feature.

#2 – Most Elusive and Overlooked Privacy Issue. How to prevent recipients from replying to your encrypted email, exposing sensitive content in the email thread — without complicating things for recipients)? (You know, when they reply unencrypted after you make the effort to encrypt, with a big “Thanks! Got it! 😊”.)

Answer: The new RMail Redact Reply™ feature.

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#3 – Confidently Know Your Recipient Did Not Forward Sensitive Parts of Your Email. How to make sensitive parts of your email disappear from inside the recipient’s email inbox before they click “forward”?

Answer. The new RMail Disappearing Ink™ feature.

#4 Don’t Reply-All. How to (finally) remove the blind copy recipient reply-all risk? You probably don’t particularly want all the recipients to know who you are blind copying. How to make it visible for BCC recipients to see who was copied on the email but remove potentially embarrassing moments when a BCC recipient deliberately or inadvertently replies-all.

Answer: The new RMail Double Blind CC™ feature.

(Watch the Room 2 track with Jonathan Israel’s session recorded, and as a bonus, receive 1 CLE credit from The Florida Barclick here. We’ll send the credit info to you automatically. The Jonathan Israel segment starts at minute 30).

And Steve Anderson, the insurance tech guru, highlighted the above four new features as essential for insurance professionals. Plus, he added these:

#5 Was that Important Paragraph in Your Email Really Read? How to track and prove your recipient viewed a particular part of your email. When you really need to be sure your client viewed an important clause, or read more into the email content, you now can.

Answer: The new RMail ViewProof™ service.

#6 Let’s Make Sending for eSigning Really Easy. How to invisibly pre-tag your documents and agreements while on your desktop (or while in your shared folders) so people can simply attach them to a normal email and, en route, they automatically convert to an electronic signature ready view with signature fields set up?

Answer: RMail & RSign new Magic Tags™ feature.

(Watch the Room 1 track with Steve Anderson’s session recorded, to hear the best for insurance professionals – click here. The Steve Anderson segment starts at minute 30.)

RPost will be sharing recordings of the entire conference in a few days, so you can re-live the experience other Earth-based attendees saw streamed live from Mars.