Modernizing “Notice” Clauses in Your Agreements & E-Communications

Modernizing “Notice” Clauses in Your Agreements & E-Communications

September 13, 2021 / in Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

The Magic Words to Confirm Receipt of Email (Best Enjoyed With Some Coffee)

In our ‘news-you-could-use’ Tech Essentials article last week, we discussed a simple way to modernize your agreements to make them well-suited for eSignatures (and RSign). We presented to you the legalese, the magic (albeit sleep-inducing) words that make eSignatures a legal affirmation for your prized documents. It was such a hit that we thought we’d deliver a follow up.

Again, we’re not offering any legal advice here, but this time we’ll provide you with a law firm’s simple text that they recommend for modernizing “notice” clauses in your agreements and e-communications.

While you can read their full report and analysis (click here to view/download the Corporate Counsel Guide to Electronic Notices), which has the effect of sleeyptime tea, we’ll keep it simple for our mobile email readers:

    1.   They identify RMail’s Registered Email™ receipt as the ultimate in timestamped and legally admissible proof of electronic content  delivered,
    2.   They explain why standard email is not good enough for electronic notices of importance, and
    3.   They even give you their recommended “notice” clause text to update your agreements.

And, their notice clause is much simpler than the legalese from last week. Before you read the clause, the “email delivery proof legal record” legalese is, of course, much more useful if you are also using RMail’s Registered Email™ service.

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So feel free to read the text below, copy it, and paste it into your agreements (or simply doze off blissfully enjoying the final days of summer).

(Sample is for your use below. Feel free to copy and amend this for your purposes).

Registered Email E-Notice Clause

“…notice by email if receipt of the email content can be confirmed, with time of receipt being the uniform time the email enters the information processing system that the recipient has designated or uses for the purpose of receiving email.”