How to Make an Electronic Signature Easy and Affordable

How to Make an Electronic Signature Easy and Affordable

January 19, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

In 15 minutes, RSign can save you 50% or more on your eSignatures.

I was on a red-eye flight recently where, as I’m sure you all know, getting any ounce of sleep can have a huge payoff in terms of productivity for the next day. I’ve known many business deals to have been won or lost due to the amount of rest either party got on the plane ride in.

So, there I was lying back in my seat with the eye mask on with the ambient lighting dimmed to a sleep-inducing purple hue. I was having pleasant thoughts of a world where RMail was keeping everyone’s transactions via email secure and where RSign was helping reduce the number of carbon-soaking trees from being cut down. 

I was getting that warm, fuzzy, peaceful, pre-sleep feeling going when I and half the plane were rudely jarred back into full consciousness by one of those loud, ubiquitous iPhone alert tones. The volume on that phone must have been at 100% because it easily penetrated my earplugs. Soon everyone was fumbling around for their devices to see if they were the owners of the offending alert.

30-45 minutes later it became clear that very few of us were going to get back to sleep. The sandman rarely comes by twice and, from what I can tell, is afraid of airplane travel. After another 45 minutes, the main lights were turned on in preparation for landing. I got to thinking what kind of butterfly effect will that ringing phone have on all of us now-bleary-eyed passengers? How many coffees will be clumsily spilled, near accidents in parking lots, short-tempered conversations with loved ones and deals lost?

What if Armand, our new product evangelist (and cute armadillo), was on this flight, which happened to be in Buffalo, NY? He may have missed out on making the clever connection between the Bills football team (who are facing the defending champs this weekend in Buffalo) and dollar bills that will be saved when you use RSign eSignatures. We after all did hire him for his marketing genius. 

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We may never have had this compelling pitch: 

In 15 minutes, we can show you how you can save 50% or more on your eSignatures with RSign. Yes, rather than sending your (dollar) bills to other software companies, keep 50% or more of them at home. Buy a new car, a boat, or tickets to see the Bills in Orchard Park this weekend. Whatever you choose, just think about all those extra bills you’ll have when you switch to RSign

This could have all been lost into the ether!

And remember, RSign was named by Aragon Research as the “Hot Vendor of the Year” and won “Innovator of the Year” for DTM. And then, on top of that, IDC named RPost a worldwide leader in eSignatures in their MarketScape Worldwide report. 

It’s pretty clear that we’ve figured out how to make electronic signatures easy and affordable. We can’t (for now) say the same about getting a full night’s rest on a domestic flight. If you would like to try RSign, please contact us to arrange a demo.