Best eSignature Solution for Ease of Use, Security, and Legal Compliance

Best eSignature Solution for Ease of Use, Security, and Legal Compliance

January 12, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

RPost’s new product evangelist mascot – Armand the Armadillo is here to show you how you can save 50% or more on your eSignatures.

We've been enjoying the creativity that some software companies have exemplified when they successfully infused mascots as product representations or product evangelists. It often makes one's products more recognizable at the least, and more fun to interact with at the best.

Take Twitter's Larry the Bird. Before Musk killed the bird and transformed it into the letter X, it was one of the iconic mascots of our computer times. Then there is Snapchat's Picaboo, recently renamed Ghostface Chillah -- certainly recognizable among your teens. How about Mailchimp's Freddie? Most marketers would say they've known Freddie for many years. And then there is Salesforce's Astro Nomical who lives with a cabal of friends in Salesforcelandia.

Well, we're pleased to be the first to introduce you to the latest -- and perhaps the coolest -- RPost yesterday announced the introduction of its product evangelist mascot, an anthropomorphic armadillo named Armand

I think you'll like Armand the Armadillo's first message --- he spoke about how, in 15 minutes, he can show you how you can save 50% or more on your eSignatures.

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Without stealing Armand the Armadillo’s thunder, we'll let you read the transcript of Armand's first press conference, below. 

Thank you for joining this RPost press conference, in New York City at the cybersecurity technology gathering, to announce my new role at RPost as its worldwide product evangelist. 

Why did I, Armand the Armadillo, choose this new role at RPost and leave my armadillo friends to talk tech to company executives the world over? It's simple! I first heard of RPost when they were named by Aragon Research as the “Hot Vendor of the Year” for digital transaction management in September. And then, on top of that, IDC named RPost a worldwide leader in eSignatures in their MarketScape Worldwide report. And seemingly back-to-back, RPost won the “Innovator of the Year” for DTM in December, named so by Aragon Research.

This was cool and got me interested in exploring RPost more. I’m a detail guy so I decided to dig in and learn why RPost was winning all these accolades. I discovered RPost is the only one that combines core and innovative cybersecurity with feature-richness in eSignatures and workflow automation, and all compliance requirements built for the most highly-regulated industries while checking the box for the necessary records management and evidentiary legalities.

Yes, way cool.

Excited about what I learned about RPost, I reached out to their marketing team to explore employment opportunities—and what I found was great! Their manifesto struck me as unique. As a team, they look at themselves not only as an innovative tech company, but also a service company. I'm not just referring to "software-as-a-service," but also to their conviction that it is their responsibility to help their customers make the most of their offerings. Essentially, it’s in their DNA to be there for their customers, everywhere, anytime, for whatever they need. While they have all this AI-infused in their products, they are taking a human approach to supporting their clients' use of their technology.

But what stands out is they also pride themselves on the diversity of their team—diversity in terms of culture and experience and only uniform in terms of their customer-centric smart approach. Even though they have many folks on their team in their offices worldwide, they are all humans. I’ll be the first armadillo to join RPost hailing from their Costa Rica office. In fact, I’ll be the first armadillo to join RPost worldwide. I’m quite proud of that!

So, what will I do? As an RPost product evangelist, I’ll be traveling the world, meeting with clients and partners, and ensuring they know what’s hot with RPost.

My first message—time is money. And I’ve discovered that in a 15-minute conversation, we at RPost could show you how you could save 50% or more on your eSignatures. "Just switch to RSign", as I say.

Save a ton of money without wasting any time, and you can be confident you’ll not only have the most affordable, but also the best in eSignatures in terms of ease of use, security, integration, compliance, and legalities —identity and authentication—as well as feature-richness. And while I’m certainly a friendly armadillo and could help you directly, we’ve also got loads of friendly humans to show you how to get the most value out of our RPost products; and in this case RSign eSignatures.

Go ahead. Just switch it! And once you’re happily saving buckets of money, I’ll tell your story to the world in my new role as RPost evangelist.

Again, I’m Armand the Armadillo, and I am proud to represent RPost. I’ll help you contact some of our RPost humans or you can shop for RSign online now.