Free Tech Tips on Easy eSigning and Email Encryption

March 13, 2020 / in Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Not Free Toilet Paper or Hand Sanitizer, But Something That May Help

Like you, our business team is hunkering down, working in their offices with closed doors or safely from home.

This coronavirus looks like it is going to be very serious. After all, the last coronavirus pandemic (2009 H1N1) infected 1 in 5 people worldwide.

No one wants to shake hands. While you might want to meet in person to help your clients, they don’t want to meet you (in person). Everyone is looking at each other like they are a carrier.

But business must go on, especially to support your very important clients.

And you need to sign things, and they need to sign things.

You can’t easily email PDFs to staff to have them print and bring to you — nor do you necessarily want close human contact. Printing, signing, scanning, and emailing or faxing is a hassle, but it is doable if you had a fax machine and scanner at home, or if you knew how to use the office machine. But maybe you don’t.

As we go through this work-alone time, we at Tech Essentials are offering a free service to help all of those who need to keep the economy moving along as we all collectively work to get through this period of fear, health risk, and working with less human interaction.

And, importantly, what we are offering does not need any human training or human IT staff interaction or support. Think of this as a free DIY (do-it-yourself) tip — far safer and easier than a DIY recipe for hand sanitizer.

Tech Essentials’ Coronavirus Free Tool Tip #1.

Problem: You need to sign something yourself. You don’t have a printer around or a scanner and fax machine. You are working from home or your supporting staff is.

Tool Tip: Install RMail for Outlook or Gmail with a few clicks (click here).

    1. Attach your document or PDF to an email.
    2. Address the email to yourself.
    3. Click the RMail “Send Registered” button and select “eSign by Hand”.

You will receive an email with a click-to-sign option. Follow the instructions to sign with your mouse or type your signature. Done.

When you get the eSigned PDF in your email (it may be in your RMail Contracts folder if you use Outlook), simply forward the email with its attachment to the person needing your signature or just save the eSigned PDF on your computer for your future reference.

Tech Essentials’ Coronavirus Free Tool Tip #2.

Problem: You need to get someone else to sign something. They have isolated themselves — they are working from home and don’t want any visitors to assist or to visit any print shops.

Tool Tip: Over the long term, Tech Essentials recommends using RSign and provides free service access, useful during this crisis, so you don’t need to bother your purchasing staff. But alternatively, and perhaps easier for you, is to simply follow the above instructions and add both your email address (as a signer) and the other parties’ addresses to the “To” field of your Outlook or Gmail. Simple, and there’s no need to disrupt anyone’s personal space.

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Tech Essentials’ Coronavirus Free Tool Tip #3.

Problem: You need to send something and need proof of delivery (and/or encryption) — but don’t want to go to the post office to send certified or via courier. You also don’t want to take the time to follow up your email with a call, as you are not sure who is working and who is not. You would like to track and prove delivery of your email and attachments.

Tool Tip: Install RMail for Outlook or Gmail with a few clicks (click here). Attach your document or PDF to an email. Address the email to your recipient. Click “Send Registered” (if you need to also encrypt, select the “RMail Encrypt” checkbox). They will receive your email as a Registered Email™ message (encrypted if opted), and you will receive in your RMail Receipts folder or inbox a Registered Receipt™ email with your certified proof of content delivered along with open tracking.

In all seriousness, while we cannot offer free toilet paper or hand sanitizer, we can offer something.

In these challenging times — with health and economic fears worldwide — Tech Essentials is pleased to be able to do what we can to assist. The above are free options we are offering that do not need any IT support to install or use and are simple enough that anyone can do it themselves.

And, our customer success team is remaining available to support any questions.