Enter the Soaring 20s with RPost—Year in Review and What’s Ahead

Enter the Soaring 20s with RPost—Year in Review and What’s Ahead

February 01, 2021 / in General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

This past year has seen a lot of firsts, and instead of our usual “what’s to come” year-in-review, insights and trends email, we’ve created for the first time, these insights in an interactive mini website format for you to peruse.

Meet our ever-expanding global team whose been there for you and who we know will try harder for you to succeed in the coming years; learn about RPost’s illustrious two-decade history, see how we’ve adapted to our customers’ ever-evolving e-security and eSignature needs in 2020, and have a look at our tech predictions for the coming year and decade and how these may benefit you.

Be the first to learn about:

    • Our four major initiatives of 2020 and how they will continue for you;
    • Inspiring stories from our global user conferences, insights for you;
    • How we are humanizing our products, bringing our people to our products for you to enjoy more; and

Our ever-increasing efforts – through our partnership footprint everywhere – to localize our products-and-passionate-people approach around the world for you.

2020 was a year nobody will forget any time soon, and it presented every one of us with unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives. At RPost, we applaud those across the world who were inspired by the chance to use the tools we built over the years and the resources within our means to look outward and assist those in need. We are looking forward to a bright 2021 together; remember, we’re here for you.

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We hope you enjoy this new mini website, and we wish you all best in what we hope will be a new era of innovation and prosperity, Enter the Era of Optimizing! (Click here to see what this is all about.)