Switching to RSign eSignatures Can Save Cost & Time

Switching to RSign eSignatures Can Save Cost & Time

November 18, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Switching to RSign e-signatures can save 50% in 50 minutes. A big inflation hedge that can save your company big.

Markets have cheered two reports released over the past week that show inflation may have peaked, which is surely good news, but the stark reality is that these are miniscule reductions in year-over-year inflation rates.

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Inflation isn’t going away anytime soon…blah blah blah… say all the economist media darlings. The Fed will likely hold rates as high as they are (or raise them a bit) well into next year. This means that borrowing costs will continue to be near generational highs (for those born in the 1990’s), making the cost of capital higher for businesses (i.e., access to money tighter), which means layoffs beyond Twitter, delayed investments, and other signs of a tepid economy.

You’ve probably been thinking over the last few months, “Another recession? Wasn’t the last one like a year ago? What is going on? I guess my big vacation next year will be in Little Italy, not Italy, Italy.” Blame the pandemic in addition to the government effectively dropping huge amounts of cash out of helicopters to help stimulate spending.

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But I offer you hope (at least in terms of e-signature costs). There is one outlier that is bucking the trend: RSign. It is the only global e-signature platform designed with an affordable, flexible pricing model that adapts to businesses from all industries, sizes, and regions, and at the same time is feature-rich, easy to use, and friendlier to work with. RSign is built on 20+ years of leadership in e-security and e-compliance. This also means RSign has enterprise-grade API, federated authentication, and security at the ready (for example, integrations with iManage, NetDocuments, AzureAD, and the list goes on).

Check out the red line below, which is a meme of the savings, aggregate country-wide savings of…Billions?

Switching to RSign eSignatures Can Save Cost & Time

Well, for mere mortals slogging away in small and mid-sized businesses, switching to RSign can save 50% in 50 minutes to get set up. (While that is more time than GEICO’s claim of 15 minutes saving 15%, we think you will enjoy the additional cash in your pocket.) And unlike many auto insurance and cable companies, we won’t be raising your rates on an annual basis or baiting you into a lesser one-time charge only to jack up your rates a year later.

So, the silver lining these days seem to be that inflation is slowing and that your e-signature costs with RSign can actually be an inflation hedge—like gold but more useful and secure! And if you do have to substitute Little Italy for “real” Italy on your next vacation, here is a restaurant I recommend – Benito One on Mulberry Street in New York.

Please contact us to learn more about RSign, its unique features and overall lower cost.