RPost Builds the Post Office into Gmail

RPost Builds the Post Office into Gmail

September 29, 2014 / in Blog, General / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

With RMail for Gmail, Millions of Users Can Now Send Registered Email Messages from their Gmail Compose Interface

Stockholm, Sweden, and Los Angeles, CA —September 23, 2014– Today, RPost announced the availability of its heavily-anticipated RMail extension for Gmail for national postal operators worldwide. RMail® for Gmail creates an easy method for national postal operators to build themselves into the digital world. With RMail for Gmail, millions of users can now send Registered Email messages from Gmail with just one extra click; sending postal-branded Registered Email messages for legal track and prove capabilities, eSignatures, and secure encryption.

Five national postal operators in Europe, Africa and the Americas will be the first to have RMail for Gmail implemented for their citizens, with more countries expected to follow-suit. The Postal Corporation of Kenya will be among the first postal operators to promote this exciting capability to millions of Gmail users in Africa, for example. This RMail functionality extends the postal network to one of the largest digital communications platforms.

RMail for Gmail includes the ability to send Registered Email messages via a high value delivery network with options to track and prove delivery, encrypt content, sign documents electronically, and convert attachments to PDF format.

“We continue to innovate with our partners to ensure the Registered Email functionality is only a click-away from wherever users currently send email,” comments RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “RPost solutions are now built into the largest electronic messaging platforms.”

RPost invented the Registered Email® technology in 2000. Today, RPost’s Registered Email® service is the worldwide standard for email proof.  Individuals want the power of proof when sending sensitive or important business messages, such as cancellations, complaints, and acceptance of terms; to avoid any potential disputes about an email communication, or as a deterrent to the common excuse: “I never got the email, please resend.”  RMail empowers Gmail users with proof of who said what when, who received what when, who agreed to what when, with email.

By partnering with RPost, postal operators are just one click away from extending their services to the digital space and allowing millions of email users to access an all-in-one electronic postal platform for messages, documents, files, collaboration and more, from users’ existing email addresses.

You can register and start using RMail for Gmail

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RPost has set the global standard for email delivery proof, encryption, and eSignatures with its patented Registered Email technology. RPost services enable email users to track, prove, sign, encrypt, and collaborate across desktop, mobile, and web platforms. RPost services speed contract execution, increase data privacy and compliance, and reduce risk with court-admissible records. Founded in 2000, RPost operates from six global business centers, is in use in countries throughout the world, within governments and Fortune Global 500 companies, and has been endorsed and marketed by influential bar associations throughout the United States. Winner of the World Mail Award for Security, RPost holds 50+ patents worldwide. For more information, please visit https://rpost.com/