Revoke Document Access: Auto-Expire and Re-Assign Permissions Remotely

Revoke Document Access: Auto-Expire and Re-Assign Permissions Remotely

June 07, 2024 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

If an information leak is not seen, is there a reportable breach?

You probably spent the bulk of your workweek wondering ‘where Armand will turn up Friday.’ If not, I understand 🤣 At any rate, I’ll end the suspense right here. I’m coming to you from the Black Forest in southeastern Germany—home of numerous fir trees and the distinctive (and delicious) chocolate and cherry cake that is one of my favorites. 

Now I’d like you all to don your thinking caps and get a little philosophical with me. Consider the age-old question: if a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Put another way: if there is nobody around to perceive something, does it really happen—or even exist? Far be it for this modest, e-sign and e-security-focused armadillo to try and answer a question that has stumped the world’s greatest minds for millennia. However, there are two big points I’d like to make.

First, I’d like to remind everyone that RSign, named a world leader By International Data Corp, is helping to make tree cutting a thing of the past by enabling electronic document signature and distribution on a scale that will have a real and positive environmental impact. So, an equally fascinating philosophical question here may be: if nobody is cutting down trees anymore, do we still need to try and answer the tree falling question?

Second, consider another, perhaps more relevant philosophical question: If an information leak is not seen, is there a reportable breach? To this question, I may actually have an answer: A leak (whether caused by mis-addressed email or cybercriminal eavesdropping) does allow information to be exposed to the outside world, but if you are able to kill the leaked information BEFORE any human has an eye ready to read it, it seems that there would be no reportable breach!

With RDocs, it is possible to auto-kill mis-sent documents even after delivery to external parties. It’s also possible to, via remote control, auto-expire, and even re-assign access to documents after delivery to recipient devices or storage on recipient (intended or unintended) devices. 

It's at this point where I have to remind everyone that we have an upcoming webinar (June 13) where we will review the challenges with mis-sent sensitive information—either in the body text or as an attachment—that could cause significant reputation damage, competitive risk, cyber insurance cost boosters, reporting requirements, or other losses. This session will explore the current state of dealing with these data loss issues and how to remedy them. You really won’t want to miss this. I’ll be dialing in from wherever my travels take me next week…

To learn more about RSign or RMail and its state-of-the-art AI-infused RDocs document protection suite (aka PRE-Crime protection), please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.