Global eSignature platform for businesses of all sizes and industries

Global eSignature Platform for Businesses of All Sizes and Industries

June 02, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

With RSign, you don’t need to worry about any tradeoff between feature-richness and affordability.

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, this latest debt ceiling showdown has sure taken up a lot of air. Even if this all gets resolved by the time you read this, we can look forward to the exact same debate in two years. 

There’s no telling how much this deadlock has cost in terms of lost productivity and lower retirement account balances etc., but each time this happens there’s always a sense that this could and should have been avoided. When the dust settles, Congress’ approval rating will probably be about the same as having to eat a ham sandwich for 6 consecutive meals or being in the middle seat in the last row by the airplane bathrooms for a 15-hour flight.

If you’re a business owner or budget manager of any sort in the real world, it’s especially frustrating to see this all happen because you simply can’t print/borrow money to temporarily fix your negative account balance. Once again, we see that the US Government has unfettered access to borrow money to fund its programs and projects with a last-minute extension of US Government credit limits. For those who don’t have this option, we simply must balance our budgets between what we spend vs. a fixed amount of what we bring in—just like our parents taught us.

In fact, one of the reasons economics is known as the “dismal science” is because you must always trade off something good with something less good, credits with debits, revenue with cost, butter with guns, steak with hamburger, and so on. Economists are always the first to tell you that “there’s no free lunch” and that “if you see a $100 bill lying on the street, it’s not really there.” You could even go as far as to say that life itself is about tradeoffs, but do you think Julius Caesar, Jimi Hendrix, and Michael Jordan really lived that principle? 

At any rate, when it comes to eSignatures, the great thing is that you don’t need to worry about any tradeoff between feature-richness and affordability.

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With RSign, you get the only global eSignatures platform designed with an affordable, flexible pricing model that adapts to businesses from all industries, sizes, and regions, and at the same time is feature-rich, easy to use, and friendlier to work with. And this is all built on an industry-leading 20 years of experience in eSecurity and eCompliance. I could go on, but I’d rather have you listen to our own customers about how RSign has added real value for our customers

So, while most businesses must make do with uncomfortable trade-offs, and our government keeps kicking the debt can down the road, at least you know there is a real free lunch out there, a proverbial $100 bill lying on the ground with RSign. Feel free to contact us to learn more.