A Conversational Email Service that lets anyone correspond with Smart AI for Free by Simply Sending Questions

A Conversational Email Service that lets anyone correspond with Smart AI for Free by Simply Sending Questions

May 26, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Beyond the simplicity of accessing AI via email, CHATMAIL also protects users’ privacy.

Here’s the situation: Like a lot of people, you’ve been working from home for a while and your resistance to colds/flu bugs has been lowered. Now that you’re back in the office for few days a week, you’ve begun to get exposed to all those pesky bugs again. 

Friday rolls around and you’re feeling sniffly. Maybe you’ve got a bit of a scratchy throat. It’s been a while since you’ve felt these symptoms. Maybe it’s just a cold coming on or maybe it’s something far more concerning like early-stage Foreign Accent Syndrome where you suddenly wake up speaking in a different accent (yes, this is a real thing). Fearing that you might stumble out of bed telling your family, “top ‘o the mornin’ to ya” like a leprechaun, you consider consulting the internet to find out what these symptoms might mean.

However, you might be rightly concerned about giving Google/Bing/Bard/ChatGPT this kind of insight into personal and private health matters—after all, you have to login with personal details to use many of these sites. And who knows? These days, Foreign Accent Syndrome, could be a national security concern that could get you on some watchlist. Probably not, but still…

Fortunately, for you (and all the potentially offended leprechauns out there), there’s CHATMAIL™, our patent-pending smart conversational email service that lets anyone correspond with smart AI for free by simply sending questions or requests by email to Chat@RPost.AI.

We believe that, for the same reasons it is often useful to email, it will be equally useful for many users the world over to use email correspondence to communicate with today’s powerful generative large language model (LLM) artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. Put another way, why not privately email a personal question rather than send it over to Big Tech while logged in as yourself with all your personal details in tow?

Beyond the simplicity of accessing AI via email, this manner also protects users’ privacy as, unlike with Google, Bing, or other AI chatbots or chat apps, the information a user submits by email is not associated with any user account inside the AI models, browser or app, which makes it such that user queries are not tagged with a particular user profile.

So, think of us not just as the “email to AI” people as much as the “we’ve been doing eSecurity for decades and are leveraging this know-how to make AI interactions safer and more private” people. Ok, that’s a mouthful, but hopefully the point has been made. 

So go ahead and email Chat@RPost.AI those symptoms or anything else you’d like to remain private to CHATMAIL™ and get answers without worrying about who else may know about your early-stage Foreign Accent Syndrome (or cold). Feel free to contact us to learn more about CHATMAIL™.