Best Outbound Email Security Gateway

Best Outbound Email Security Gateway

May 20, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Use RMail Gateway E-Security For The Best Outbound Email Security And Still Keep Your “Other” Inbound Email Security Gateway

In music, when the whole is greater than sum of all parts, it’s called ‘good harmony,’ and this is very difficult to achieve because you have to know how different sounds come together before they are played. Get it right, and you have the Beach Boys. Get it wrong, and you have, well pretty much all bad music. Harmony is also one of those concepts where you either ‘get it’ or you don’t. It can’t really be taught—only imitated.

There’s a similar situation with tech software, believe it or not. It’s very difficult to get differing products/systems to work well together—e.g., Mac OS and Java or older versions of MS Office on Mac computers. It often takes years of expensive software development and subsequent updates to truly get the integrations right.

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Now, what if I told you that, despite popular misconceptions, inbound and outbound email security gateways can work together in harmony – singing a beautiful tune together. Consider this situation, which we often encounter with our blissfully happy customers:

You have an email gateway service (like Microsoft 365 Defender, or other perimeter gateway offerings). You realize that your existing gateway offering really focuses on inbound email protection, which leaves the user experience for outbound email encryption a “check-the-box”, have-it-but-don’t-innovate-it, add-on.

Now, understanding the power of RMail email encryption where you get AI-user adapting proof-of-fact of encrypted delivery, Registered Email™ e-delivery proof, eSign, and Protect-the-Thread™ content controls, you’d like to have these available for all email sent (from desktop and mobile devices) and with automation.

In essence, you would like to keep your current “inbound” email security provider, but you also would like to have the elegance that RMail offers, automated for sensitive outbound messages.

Well, you can. You can simply keep your inbound email security provider and use a smart host (or other method) to route some or all of users’ outbound email to the RMail Gateway outbound cloud email security gateway. Think of the beauty of this, the harmony of tech working seamlessly together. And many of our customers do!

Think of the RMail Gateway e-security for the best in outbound email security even if you want to still use your time-tested “other” inbound email security gateway offering.

It is also an easy way to automate sending encrypted or Registered Email™ proof of delivery messages from most agency, practice management, or ERP systems.

It’s quite easy to do, and it is quite powerful for those in the know (like you now 😊). So, perhaps consider RPost then as the Beach Boys of e-security software (sing it with me, R-R-R, R-R-RMail). Contact us to discuss how you can get started.