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Send Documents for Electronic Signature

Designed for simplicity, RSign’s web-based process lets you quickly and intuitively prepare and send a document to be signed electronically while always maintaining access and control.

Standard drag and drop controls include the following:

  • Sign

  • Text

  • Name

  • Title

  • Company

  • Date

  • Email

  • Checkbox

  • Initials

  • Label

  • Radio

  • Dropdown

  • Time/Date Stamp

A typical RSign integration involves placing a “Send for Signature” button into an application or sending platform which emails the document to RSign along with specific instructions as to where to place the form field controls like signature, date, and more. The instructions also provide the recipient address, subject and email body so the message is sent to the appropriate recipients to sign. After signing, the document is returned to RSign where it can be pulled into a document management platform with backfill options.

RSign Send Document