Title Insurer Pre-Empts Cybercrime-in-Progress with RMail

March 08, 2024 / in News / by RPost Marketing

AltaOne day after implementing RPost's PRE-Crime email security service, the RPost service detected unexpected email activity in Russia and thwarted a cybercrime in progress.

March 8, 2024 – Los Angeles, CA

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) reported that AEGIS Land Title Group, one of its members, on day one after implementing RPost's PRE-Crime email security service, detected that two of AEGIS’ emails had unexpected activity in Russia. The discovery initiated an investigation that found a lender involved in a re-financing transaction was fake. ALTA is the largest real estate title insurance association in the United States.

“Seeing the emails were opened in Russia was an immediate red flag,” remarked Paul Hofmann, owner of AEGIS Land Title Group. After investigation, Hofmann reported that the title company’s emails were delivered to a client’s U.S. server and then unexpectedly – and invisibly to everyone but for the RPost AI security technology -- auto forwarded and opened on mobile devices in Russia. This activity triggered the RPost high-risk alerts sent in real-time to the AEGIS security team. A quick investigation revealed the title company was involved in a transaction with a fraudulent lender. Had RPost AI security not detected this cybercrime in process, the fraudulent lender, through a complex scheme, would have been paid off (inadvertently) a huge sum of money.

“I’ve been in the title industry for 30 years and haven’t experienced this type of fraud,” Hofmann said.

Pre-empt cybercrime

[The above is an example of one of the referenced RPost Eavesdropping™ alerts.]

“The RPost technology, in real time, can detect these anomalies and trigger high-risk alerts to customer security teams,” stated Mike Rooney, vice president of enterprise cybersecurity at RPost. “These alerts serve as an early warning signal and prompt proactive fraud investigations, before it’s too late.”

Since then, Hofmann said his company has already caught two other fraudulent transactions, which resulted in numerous post-alert follow-on remediating phone calls. “The phone calls we’ve made after getting the ‘red’ alerts have been great on the sales and marketing side because our customers really feel like we are actively looking out for them,” adds Hofmann. (Read the full article on the ALTA website)


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