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How Bulk Signing Capabilities to Sign Forms Can Power Business Process Modernization

Businesses produce a large chunk of sensitive documents that need to be signed on a regular basis like invoices, legal forms, bank statements, bills, HR documents, etc. In recent years, electronic signatures or eSignatures have picked up and become a norm in most organizations as they make the entire signing process simple, convenient, secure, and fast.

For businesses, adopting electronic signatures makes sense as they waste most of their employee hours on the manual signing intricacies. It also ties in with organizations’ efforts to go paperless with the growing digital transformation wave.

As the quantum of documents being signed regularly increase, eSignatures bring even more value by adding yet more features that traditional signatures don’t offer, such as bulk signing, which supports multiple signing simultaneously.

Here are some common use cases where bulk sign-and-send capabilities are feasible:

  • Sharing documents with employees like agreements, onboarding, or annual compensation letters.
  • Sending promotional offers on loans, credit cards, insurance, and other offerings.
  • Sending invoices, purchase orders, and even legal forms to vendors or clients.
  • Tracking receipts on sent items.

RSign – a global eSignature solution from RPost, with advanced security and encryption capabilities, can help you speed up your digital workflows with its robust bulk sign and send feature.

How to Send Forms for Bulk Signing with RSign?

RSign Bulk Send offering is designed for sending large quantities of RSign requests and simplifying automation without the need to use an API. RSign makes this possible through the use of templates and a .CSV file to sign documents online to multiple recipients at once.

Here’s how you can prepare forms for bulk signing.

Create an RSign template first. Templates are a complete time-saver, where you can customize your eSignature workflow, prepare your document by dragging and dropping your fillable fields, save and reuse, and even share it across your organization.

prepared a document for bulk sign forms
bulk send option in rsign to sign forms

Next, prepare a .CSV file, which is basically an excel spreadsheet for bulk send:

  1. Click on the Bulk Send button.
  2. Download the sample .CSV file and add all the details to be used in the template.
  3. Add the message you want to send in the spreadsheet. You can use RSign’s message template.
  4. Review all the information and send.

Here you go. Your message will be sent to all the recipients mentioned in the excel spreadsheet to sign forms at once – quick and easy! This process to sign documents online remains the same whether you want your recipients to electronically sign PDF or Word forms.

Where Can You Use RSign Bulk Send?

Here are a couple of use cases where you can use RSign’s Bulk Send feature to accelerate the productivity of your team, save time, enhance collaboration, and reduce costs:

  • Sales contracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Vendor/supplier agreements
  • New customer forms
  • Change orders
  • Real estate contracts
  • Employee agreements/Annual compensation plans
  • NDAs
  • Intellectual property licensing & other legal agreements
  • Employee onboarding

Modernize Your Business Processes

With the bulk signing, you can send single or multiple documents for electronic signature within minutes instead of days. And RSign’s Bulk Send feature lends more power to your business process modernization with:

  • Digital signing of sensitive documents like invoices, bank statements, invoices, summons, and receipts.
  • The automated signing of documents to minimize human intervention.
  • The automatic signing of thousands of documents while staying compliant.
  • Reduction of costs with a seamless transition to a paperless office.

Plus, RSign gives you a comprehensive audit trail with each signed document that logs all document activity so you know which recipient has signed what document at what time, every step of the way.

Try RSign now for a free e-sign!

audit trail with each signed document