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eSigning online documents and filling out forms

What Are Fillable Online Documents or PDF Forms?

Any document on the internet with shared accessible and editable properties is considered to be a fillable online document or a PDF form. One can simply upload a Word doc or a PDF to any conversion tool and have it converted into a fillable form within minutes.

Once the required document is uploaded, it can be customized per the sender’s needs. The sender can see several options within the tool’s interface that make the entire experience seamless; for instance, adding a signature, name, initials, date, time, and more. All they need to do is select the required fields or drag-drop them wherever appropriate and the document is ready to be shared, filled, and signed.

The only difference between a PDF form and a signable document is that the PDF form will allow the user (the recipient) to only enter the necessary details in the dialogue box as one fills in a form. The matching text will auto-populate over the placeholders created by the sender. Whereas in a signable online document, the user needs to manually search and add the details in the fields placed by the sender or the owner of the form.

Fill and Sign PDF Forms Online

Online PDF forms have reduced the need for printing and signing by hand, eliminating the need for both parties to be present face-to-face and reducing the burden of physical storage. This has saved users as well as businesses substantially in costs and time.

Online documents or PDF forms come in a variety of types, in terms of the information required to fill in. Recipients are asked to fill in details like name, email, phone, address, and more as per need. A PDF form is special as it can be signed digitally with timestamps that prove the identity of the signer.

Depending on the eSignature platform, the method of filling and signing may vary. Some platforms provide only signature-text boxes while others offer an additional touchpad for users to draw their signatures like a wet signature. But if the product offers a timestamp seal, the recorded data and the signature becomes a crucial proof for the sender.

Digital filling and signing have been legal for a long time but with the right product that provides proof of delivery and audit, it has gained trust around the world.

How to Fill Forms and Sign Documents Online

Filling out forms or contracts in a PDF document, signing, and sharing them online via email, or any other digital communication channels is very simple. Here are a couple of quick steps:

  1. Open the document in your email or PDF reader, or drag and drop a file into an electronic signature platform of choice. Alternatively, click on “Upload” to choose a file you want to sign.
  2. If the sender uses an eSignature tool, you as a signer will get complete instructions on how to open and sign the document.
  3. You might need to log in; however, some eSignature platforms allow you to skip this step.
  4. Once the document opens, depending on the eSignature platform, you might see:
    1. A pop-up with fields to enter your name, email address, and other details.
    2.  Icons and selection tags to add your electronic signature.
    3. A placeholder to upload your photo.
    4. An attachment button to upload any documents.
  5. You will have options to either draw your electronic signature using your mousepad or touchpad or simply type in your name and choose from a pre-loaded script font.
  6. Submit the document by pressing “Submit” or “Send” buttons.