Now ‘TIS The Season for Security Autumnation

What is security automation? It is simplicity with security.

September 27, 2019 / in Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Now ‘TIS The Season for Security Autumnation

Autumn May Bring Digital Serenity with Security Autumnation.

Over the last year, while the user experience for technology has been progressively becoming simpler, the jobs of the business owner, IT director, and privacy and compliance officers have been progressively becoming more complex. Far more complex.

Europe recently introduced the most aggressive data privacy laws ever imagined. Data privacy treaties have been scrapped for new ones, the latest called “Privacy Shield”. California’s most aggressive consumer privacy protection law goes into effect in a few months. And this is on top of all the normal health and personal privacy information laws that have been in place for some time.

We have reached a tipping point. We need all this security stuff to be automated. Please.

RPost declares this autumn, the season for security autumnation (or automation if you are a digital literal). AT&T agrees; they declared the hottest tech trend of 2019 to be cybersecurity automation. And Forrester Research concurs, putting security automation at #3.

What is security automation? It is simplicity with security.

RPost reports more customers are choosing to encrypt all outbound client-related email; they want simplicity with security. This is not what some call “opportunistic encryption” — totally inadequate considering today’s privacy regulations.

(Opportunistic encryption means, in short, if the sender’s system can encrypt based on the recipient system, it does. If it cannot, it does not. This generally leaves 10 to 25% of messages sent with the intention of encryption, to be sent without any or adequate encryption for privacy requirements, according to Google and Microsoft research of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.2 reach).

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But, when sending all email encrypted — or even more email encrypted than you did in the past, those cumbersome systems that require the recipient to click links and set up a user account simply for the privilege of reading your email, simply don’t work.

What is happening is there is a new shift to automate security based on who is sending what content to whom, and further, considering when it should be as simple as possible for the recipient yet secure enough for compliance, or when it should be top secret secured (for you wire transfer details, sensitive health information, business payroll and financial reports). And, making these distinctions and decisions automatically.

Modern systems, like RMail Gateway (click to request more information), do just this. RMail Gateway lets you set your systems so that, for example, if any sender in your company sends a message to a certain client, the message is encrypted. If they are sending an important notice like a disclosure, it may not need encryption but needs tracking and certified proof of e-delivery; and therefore, is sent as a Registered Email™ message. If the message contains information that is very sensitive like wire transfer instructions or a financial or payroll report, it is transmitted in a manner such that it remains encrypted even in the recipient inbox. If the subject line says “please sign” it is sent automatically converted so that the recipient can electronically signoff. RMail Gateway automates all these decisions. This is true security automation.

This autumn, we believe more people will enjoy the serenity of the leaves changing and the first snow falling, with peace of mind, knowing they have automated security (at least those that have opted for RMail Gateway). For those in Southern California or Florida, you can still enjoy peace of mind this autumn even though there is no snow expected and your palm tree leaves will not change (if you choose RMail Gateway).

‘Tis the season for autumnation. Enjoy your peace of mind with RMail security automation.

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