Tool Tip

RSign Advanced Settings

In this video we are going to review the advanced RSign® Settings. The settings in the video are default settings that can be toggled one way or the other. If there is a red lock icon near the setting, it means that the setting is controlled by an RPost® administrator and cannot be changed. The chart has three columns each listed as: Option Name, Default Setting, and History. Please read extended description for each of the settings.

The Last 3 Options will display on the Send Tab:

    1. Attach Document Data (XML) to Email with Signed Contract (sender Only): Document data may be visible, non-visible or visible only.
    2. Include Transparency Document: Set to yes when recipient must copy the document onto their own printer.
    3. Signature Control Required for Static Template: when set to yes a signature control is required.

Step-by-Step Instructions

    1. Attached Signed PDF For The Recipient: Lets user decide how these
      documents will be sent and available for the recipient.
    2. Include Envelope Data In the Manage Tab: Allows User to download envelope data in XML.
    3. Set Default Signature Control Value to ‘Required’: Set to ‘Yes’ by default.
    4. Receive Sending Confirmation Email: Set to ‘yes’ by default.
    5. Enable The Dependencies Feature: When set to ‘yes’ sender can tie controls together as dependencies.
    6. Available Options For Signature Capture: Recipient can draw name as a signature or they can type their name.
    7. Signing Certificate Paper Size: The last page of every signed document contains a Signature Certificate page in which the size can be edited using this option.
    8. Electronic Signature Indication: If an envelope ID or a date above signature is required, then the user can use this setting to apply.
    9. Reference Code: Used to attach a specific code or reference.
    10. Send Invitation Email To Signer: If ‘Yes’, the recipient will receive a invitation email to sign the document.
    11. Allow User to Align Form Field: When set to ‘Yes’ users will have form field alignment features for ease of setting up signatures.
    12. Stamp Watermark onto Signers Completed Document: Users can add a water mark to the signed document whether it be: Private, Top Secret, etc.