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How to Create, Reuse & Share Templates as Standard Documents

With standardized documents or reusable templates, senders need not to prepare the same document over and over again each time they need to send the document for recipient eSignature. This process of creating a template of a standard document or form once, and reusing the template each time the document is needed to be eSigned, saves administrative time and simplifies the process of preparing and sharing documents for electronic signature.

Step-by-Step Instructions

RSign lets senders configure a document as a reusable template so that they will never have to do it again for a similar transaction.

Step 1: From the RSign dashboard, click Templates, then choose Create Templates to create a new template of a document or commonly used form.

Step 2: Give the template a name and description, set frequently used options such as expiry date and reminder settings.

Step 3: Attach the document or form that will be the basis of the template and click “Next”.

Step 4: Prepare the document with tags, rules, and input fields for signer so that the document is ready for sending, and click “Save”.

RSign provides a variety of document tags and field rules so that the document can be converted to a completely customized template and re-used without any further document, form or template preparation. In addition to basic tags and signature fields, senders can create dropdown boxes and place checkboxes anywhere on the document.