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Convert Document or PDF into a Web Form

RForms™ makes it easy to convert any document or PDF form into a web form that is fillable with a variety of form field rules and dependencies.

RForms converts a document or PDF into a web form with a static URL web link to the form. Administrators can place the web link in a document, a portal, a website, or in an email for signers to access the form, fill, and eSign.

RForms was built for workflows that require customers to sign documents and forms by logging onto web portals, visiting application websites, or having representatives ready to email templates with links to documents to sign. In these scenarios, the organization prepares the document one-time, sets access controls and numerous setting configurations for the optimal signer user experience, and is provided a static URL to the document which they can post to a website or link to a “Click to Sign” button in an application or email.

Some popular RForms features include:

  1. Dynamic terms of service click-through prior to viewing and signing a document
  2. Access authentication for additional security
  3. Signer upload of attachments as part of the envelope record
  4. Dependencies, rules, and formulas to the template for specific workflows
  5. Dynamic custom post-signing landing pages to direct signers for the next steps
  6. Backfill form data into a third party CRM/CLM system

And much more…

Contact an RSign integration specialist to learn more about how you can add RMail or RSign to your workflow.