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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping Dyad to automate the document signing process from within Nexsure across the whole insurance ecosystem.

And we’ve been with them since 2022

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Primary Use

RSign for Dyad's Nexsure provides clients with the ability to seamlessly create RSign eSignature envelopes with one or more documents, and automatically save signed documents in Nexsure once the eSignature workflow is completed.

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RPost’s RSign is an excellent option for our customer base as it is robust yet simple and intuitive for all users and is designed to meet the highest security standards. Documents of all types can be executed quickly and with accuracy and confidence with this integration.

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Krista Weaver

Krista Weaver

President and Chief Operating Officer, Dyad

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Adding RPost to our tech stack has been a game changer for our team’s efficiency.  Not only has it made our jobs easier, but our customers love how easy it is too!  It saves us time, paper, and money!  Now that RPost is integrated with Nexsure, it makes things even easier!  We can send documents directly out of the management system and when they are e-signed by the customer, they automatically populate back into the customer’s file!  It’s awesome and I would recommend it to anyone!!

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Nicholas Rolf

Nicholas Rolf

CLCS, Gross Insurance Agency

Main Benefit

eSignature that is simple enough that people enjoy using it. Plus, all the features you will ever need. RSign® makes eSignatures so simple for all staff, that it encourages use. More use means more cost savings, administrative time savings, and faster business. RSign includes all the enterprise-grade features and training you will ever need.


RSign® is built into the Nexsure Insurance Platform to trigger the sending of the appropriate documents for eSigning, using the SMTP email routing options, returning the final Registered Receipt™ and eSign records into the system to trigger follow-on activities.

Dyad's Nexsure develops and markets the Nexsure Insurance Platform, a comprehensive insurance processing and distribution solution which empowers and connects the insurance ecosystem, including retail agencies, wholesalers, agency networks, MGAs, and carriers.

For over two decades, Dyad has been serving the insurance industry with custom business solutions. They are experts in insurance, technology, and business processing. They listen, partner, develop and listen more, helping you and your insurance enterprises achieve your goals. They are innovators that make business more efficient and productive throughout the insurance value chain they serve. They work closely with their customers and partners to understand their evolving needs and issues and then map those understandings into solutions that improve business results. And, they assure that their solutions are flexible and adaptable to accommodate the ever-changing business and technical landscape. They pride themselves on their technology and business competencies and delivering solutions that provide a sustainable competitive advantage, flexibility, profitability, and growth for their customers.

We Try Harder RMail Suzie

At RPost, we simply can’t afford to make you enter a support queue. Or upcharge for each feature. Or not be the most affordable. Or not continuously innovate so that we can always be the most feature-rich while easy to use. We can’t be anything less than the best e-sign and e-security product with the best people and service to support you.

Obviously, the thing we try hardest at is just to be there for you. To start you out right with new services that are easy to use, work well and have the features you need now (and will need in the future). We will give you the training and attention your team needs from a support staff that makes us proud every day.

Why do we do this? Because we’ve learned over the last 20 years in this business that our customers are counting on us every day. Because we live and breathe security and process optimization. Because we can’t afford to take you for granted. We try harder to ensure your success.

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