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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping N&D Group expedite the insurance of your essentials, combining their local knowledge with our tech knowhow.

And we’ve been with them since 2013.

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Primary Use

Registered Email™ services and Registered Receipt™ e-delivery proof for insurance policy notices.

Watch full video of Shashi Ayachitam discuss RMail at Optimize!2020.

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The transaction response from RPost indicates all the tracking and audit information. This is being leveraged to devise the next sequence of automation. It cuts down costs drastically.

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Shashi Ayachitam

Shashi Ayachitam

IT Director, N&D Group Insurance

Main Benefit

Relying on the RMail Registered Email™ service, the worldwide standard for legal and verifiable proof of email delivery, message and attachment content and official timestamp, returns a self-authenticating and court-admissible Registered Receipt™ record for every insurance policy or other critical notification sent.

This creates automated, evidentiary, and paperless processes. It cuts cost and administrative time significantly.


The RMail Registered Email™ service provides a Self-Authenticating Receipt. The Registered Receipt e-mail authenticates and accurately reproduces the original e-mail and attachments, including any attached rate changes, and serves as proof in nearly every country of the world.

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The Registered Receipt™ is an automated Unique Transaction Record. The returned Registered Receipt™ email record is a durable, verifiable, and self-contained record of each email transmission. A sender views this receipt in their email program. This receipt includes an XML file, and the service includes a variety of reports, each with transmission data that may be extracted and imported into the sender’s systems. This receipt’s HTML file may be used by any party to authenticate the transmission data and reconstruct the original email content – without the Registered Email system storing a copy of the message or transmission data. Message status data and the Registered Receipt transaction proof records may be retrieved, all automated using email or APIs from which further process automation is built upon.

N&D Group is a combination of Norfolk & Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance, Fitchburg Mutual Insurance and Dorchester Mutual Insurance, Northeast US regional insurance carriers that use RMail to automate e-policy delivery with proof of delivery of disclosures and waivers.

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