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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping Jungheinrich simplify logistics for their customers around the world by easing the heavy equipment leasing process.

And we’ve been with them since 2017.

RSign. For Legal. Equipment Leasing

Heavy Equipment Leasing
Europe, Americas

Primary Use

RSign® eSignatures to speed rental agreement documentation and contracting.

Watch full video of Nicole Stiller discuss at OPTIMIZE!™ 2021.

Open Quotes

The biggest benefit for us [with RSign] is that we can get business documents signed without any restriction. So it doesn’t matter if we have a pandemic going on, if we are traveling, if we have meetings, or if people are on vacation. We can get documents to them, and they can sign them wherever.

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Nicole Stiller

Nicole Stiller


Open Quotes

  • If you are the last person not using RSign because you have some resistances, usually, then they say, okay, I’m going to try, and then it takes a few weeks and then they are also convinced by all the advantages.
  • We are live with RSign in 16 countries. In July, it will be 18. I know the bigger ones, Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and so on. In Africa, we have South Africa, and in South America, we have Chile and Colombia already live. And we are working already on eight more. That’s where we are live with RSign, and we are basically using RSign for all documents.
  • I feel valued [by RPost staff] that our input and our requests are taken seriously. So that definitely, beside all the technology, is still a factor. The human factor is still very important for us.

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Watch full video of Nicole Stiller discuss RSign at Optimize!2020 and RSign at Optimize!2020 in German.

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With RSign, we can be more efficient with our time – that is the biggest point for us. We are very happy with RSign.

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Nicole Stiller

Nicole Stiller


Main Benefit

RSign® operates within the business operations, mainly to eSign heavy equipment leasing agreements faster, moving from administratively cumbersome traditional processes to automated electronic signature processes. This reduces business friction in managing rental agreements, and helps to close more business faster, contributing to overall business growth.

RSign® provides feature-rich and affordable (privacy compliant) eSignature and digital forms automation to staff which reduces time needed to manage the rental agreement process.


RSign® web interface and API are used to streamline and automate the electronic signature process, in multiple languages and on multiple continents, with the RSign user experience customized so that follow-on activities may be triggered from message status, eSignature status, proof of delivery data, and eSign forms data that backfill into the client record.

Jungheinrich is a global material handling/intralogistics provider, having completed global eSign RFP, now deployed RSign across Europe and expanding to 40 countries for heavy equipment leasing contracts.

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