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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping Durham & Bates Insurance make it easier for its clients to navigate the most challenging storms to hit business.

And we’ve been with them since 2013.

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RSign® & RMail®

Primary Use

RSign for electronic signatures, RMail Gateway for email encryption, and Registered Email™ services and Registered Receipt™ e-delivery proof for insurance notices and client correspondence.

Watch full video of Ingo Wittig discuss RMail & RSign at Optimize!2020.

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We started looking at RSign because we like the templates; we like being able to store everything. We keep everything in our agency management system so with RSign, we’re able to move things really pretty quickly.

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Ingo Wittig

Ingo Wittig

IT Manager, Durham & Bates Insurance

Main Benefit

RSign® for eSignatures speed business and reduce administrative cost. RMail® Registered Email™ service and Registered Encrypted™ email provides tracking, proof of delivery, content and timestamp for a variety of mission critical insurance notices, as well as privacy for HIPAA compliance.

They speed interaction with clients in a secure manner, mitigating issues related to who received what and when, electronically. These services cut operating costs, save administrative time, and bring peace-of-mind to staff and clients alike.
RMail® Registered Email™ service provides legal e-delivery proof and certified e-notifications to encourage engagement prior to issues arise.

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RSign is primarily used through the RSign web app with RSign Templates and RSign Rules. RMail Registered Email™ sending is integrated into Microsoft Outlook and RMail Gateway. When using the RMail Registered Email™ service, the sender receives an automatic analysis of the delivery forensics, cryptographically sealed to the delivery content and timestamp, and packaged as a Registered Receipt™ proof record.

Durham & Bates Insurance is a premier Northwest US regional insurance company.

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