RMail for Zimbra

RMail for Zimbra

Zimbra server operators may install the RMail Zimlet for more email security, compliance, and productivity services. RMail for Zimbra adds a one-click button in the normal compose message workflow of email users. RMail adds email encryption, eSignature, Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof, email open tracking, secure large file transfer, and more.

“RMail adds so many business essentials to the Zimbra email interface. We worked closely with Synacor and RPost to build RMail into Zimbra with all of the features enabled in a simple, elegant user experience; and importantly, with a process that makes it easy for any Zimbra BSP, VAR, or corporate server administrator to deploy.”
– Barry de Graaff, Zeta Alliance Co-founder & Zimbra Developer

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How to Install

The RMail for Zimbra installation software is maintained in the Zeta Alliance Zimbra Community GitHub. This must be installed on the Zimbra server by a Zimbra admin (and not by an end user).

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Customer Stories

The Doctors Company

Health Tech

We’re helping The Doctors Company keep your doctor focused on cures by simplifying private communications.

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Fin Tech

We’re helping Euronext make markets operate efficiently, securing safe wealth creation opportunities for you.

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United Nations WIPO

Gov Tech

We’re helping the United Nations’ WIPO protect your intellectual property to maintain order worldwide.

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App Info


v8 (Zimbra version)

Languages Supported:

App Language:

English. Additional languages may be available upon request.

Service Language (Messages, Receipts, etc.):

Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish.

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System Any
Browsers Any
Browser Version Latest
Deployment Admin installs on Zimbra server and enables for a single user, user group, or company-wide deployment
Updates Manual updates
Requirements Zimbra server version 8
Licensing Free base RMail service plan. Per user, shared group of users, or usage based for premium for RMail service
“Send Registered” Button location Built into the Zimbra compose email pane in the upper left.