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Policy Based Encryption Automation

RMail Recommends™ service uses predictive technologies at the point of sending in the compose email interface, to automate recommendations or requirements for users to encrypt, send Registered Email™ messages, or send for eSign. This automates user training and assures compliance.

RMail Recommends is a first-of-a-kind patent pending service that adds advanced logic at the point of sending in the email compose interface to provide recommendations to the sender on what special functions – email encryption, wire fraud protection, Registered Email proof, eSignatures – they should, or are required to, apply to the message before sending.

RMail Recommends automates compliance, assures greater use of productivity tools, and makes user training built in. It solves many training and human error headaches IT staff encounter and provides compliance staff peace of mind; all the while training users on availability of special email security features in a non-intrusive and time-efficient manner.

The most advanced versions of RMail Recommends are available in RMail for Outlook version 11 or newer.